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Samsung FE-N300WX cooktop problem TE error code


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Jun 19, 2015
Model Number

I have a Samsung FE-N300WX_XAC range that displays the "te" error code.

The error code appears when I use the cooktop for a few minutes and it stays until the burners cool down. It also happens if I use the oven for more than 10 mins. The oven keeps working even with the error code.

When I get the error code the range beeps a few times, displays the error code and shuts off all the burners.

Powering off the range doesn't clear the error code. Only waiting about 15-20 mins then the error code can be cleared by pressing the OFF button of the left front burner.

I looked at the service manual for the error code, but I can't find anything about "te" (attached is the service manual I purchased).

Would anyone know why the this error code is happening?




  • Troubleshooting.pdf
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Hi Mathieu,

I don't see that error code listed either.

You should have a tech. data sheet in your range, look for it either in the very bottom under the oven or inside the control panel or even in the very back of your range.

Hi Jake,

I found the tech data sheet when I removed the rear panel of the stove. The sheet is a schematic of the electric circuits. I found about the same in the service manual. I think it might have to do with some top sensor. Do most elements have a sensor in them?

Yes Mathieu they do if your cooktop is glass.

I can't locate this model anywhere online to verify the sensor part number though.

I will pm you a link for the service manual I bought. Maybe you can figure out which part you think is defective.



Is this code anything else than "tE" ?

The second letter is a "E" but the first I'm not sure.


I'm not sure of the first letter either.

I saw the manual but nothing in it helps with this error code.

I don't know what else to tell you but to have a Samsung tech. come out and take a look at it.

Ok I got an appointment for a tech to come see the stove.

Even calling at Samsung, they are not able to figure out what the code means :)

Thanks for your help Jake,

Ok, sounds good, let us know what the tech finds.


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