Samsung French Door Refrigerator


Oct 18, 2012
Dallas Ga 30132
Model Number
1-5 years
Recently my husband went into the pantry drawer and discovered that below the drawer was solid ice. He removed the pantry drawer and chipped out the ice and cleaned up the water. We noticed that on the back wall was a vent or something that looks like a vent. The water seemed to be leaking from the the left side and leaking on the floor under the refrig. We shut off the water and ice maker. But this kept continuing for about a week or so. Then it dried up on the left side and started leaking on the right side. So we disconnected the water hoses completely and shut off the water valve in the wall and removed the hose that goes from the water valve to the refrig. There is not water coming into the refrig at this time. But every morning I have to mop up the water under the pantry drawer now on the right side. Left side is dry and so is the floor. Refrig stays dry all day but evidently at night the water leaks out. This has us totally baffled as there is no water coming into the refrig. Has anyone had a similar problem or can advise us on what to look for and repair it. We would like to be able to hook up the icemaker again. Thank you.


Appliance Tech
Jun 13, 2011
Danville, California
You have a defrost drain hole frozen over. The water is the result of the refrigerator going into defrost every 12 to 18 hours melting the ice on the evaporator coils. The water is supposed to go down the defrost drain hole to the back of the refrigerator. Since it is plugged up with ice, the water ends overflowing the drain trough and onto the refrigerator floor.

You will need to unplug the unit for about 5 to 7 hours and leave the doors open to allow the ice to melt slightly so you can remove the back panel in the rear wall. Once the panel is removed, use a hair dryer or steam machine to clear out the excess ice build up and clear out the drain hole. Test the drain by pouring some hot water down the drain hole to make sure it's clear. Once that is done, you can reassembly everything and be back to normal.

Hope this helps.