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Samsung FX710BGS Gas Range - No spark at one burner


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Jun 21, 2008
San Francisco
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I have a Samsung range, FX710BGS range that's about 16 months old. The center burner just stopped working. There's no clicking sound and no spark on the igniter. Gas is flowing to the burner and all the other burners will light fine. The problem is, since these don't come with any kind of repair or service manual, I can't even figure out if or how I can open the deck up and see if a wire has come disconnected or something. I can't find a manual on line and there's nothing on the Samsung website.

Can anyone direct me to where/how I try to find why this isn't working?


...actually, it will spark when the other 4 knobs are turned so I can light it that way, but it doesn't spark when the center knob is turned so perhaps it's the wiring from the knob. Still, I can't figure out how to even open the thing up properly. Thanks.

I'm still looking for some assistance with this problem. One of the burners will not spark when its knob is turned, however, it will spark when all the other knobs are turned. Can anyone direct me to the part to check and how I can open up the range to get to it? Thanks for any assistance.

Hi Scott,

I haven't worked on or been trained on Samsung appliances, but Wild is a authorized servicer of Samsung and LG, you can message him and ask if he could reply here to assist you on this Samsung model.


hey scott,
I have the same range, same age of range too.
I had the same problem as well but it was still under warranty. tech came out and ordered part #DG96-00230A (assy switch ignition)
Tech came back and installed the part

I now have other problems with my FX710BGS ...... power control display has gone blank .....and its just 15 months old

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