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Samsung Gas Cooktop NA36N7755TS/AA-00 Samsung's cheapest parts not sold separately - gas cooktop rubber pads

Colin C

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Nov 4, 2021
Ottawa, Canada
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1-5 years
My Samsung gas cooktop, model # NA36N7755TS/AA-00, purchased new in 2019, has lost some of the rubber pads (see photo) that go under the corners of the three grates. Now the grates are scratching the stainless steel and I've been forced to remove some pads just to keep the grates level and stop them wobbling. I contacted Samsung's official parts supply and was told the pads are not sold separately but I can buy new grates (over $700 CAN for the three) which include pads! I wrote to Samsung Canada's President and CEO and a few weeks later received an email reply: thanking me for "sharing my experience", apologizing for "any inconvenience this issue has caused", confirming that "Samsung original rubber pads are only included with new cooktop grates" and suggesting that I "may find suitable generic rubber pads from a source such as Amazon."

I've done lots of searching and no generic or brand name (including Samsung) grate pads look anything like the square, concave pads off my cooktop grates. I can't even see anything I might be able to modify to work.

Any advice or suggestions?

Samsung grate pads.jpeg
What might be a important dimension to them might be how thick they are. I'm not sure the surface area is as important as elevation.

Can you supply a side view of one of them with measurement reference?

Dan O.
Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, I don't have a digital tool but the overall depth appears be a hair under 5 mm, not including the nub (shown in this photo). The depth of the concave area appears to be a hair under 3 mm.

image0 (24).jpeg
That don't look like any bumpers I've seen elsewhere but I'll see if I can locate something similar.

Dan O.
This photo shows a grate corner that is missing a rubber pad. The small hole is where the nub of the pad fits, although I can't see what purpose it served as the pads fit into the square depressions. Perhaps it was only the nub that had any adhesive on it as I can't see any evidence of adhesive residue after the pad fell off.


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    image2 (1).jpeg
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This photo shows a grate corner with the pad still in place (apologies for the poor focus but I think the photo is still understandable).


  • image1 (6).jpeg
    image1 (6).jpeg
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Lastly, here is a photo of the bump on which the grate pads sit. At the four outside corners of the cooktop, the 'bumps' are actually the heads of Robertson screws. You may notice that the grate in this picture is missing its pad, so the metal grate is sitting in contact with the stainless steel cover plate (see scratches).


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    image0 (25).jpeg
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Correction - I don't think it makes any difference, but I should have indicated dome-top Philips screw heads, not Robertson.
That is definitely a unique design. I could only find 1 other square grate foot and it was a totally different design.

Samsung now also owns Dacor cooking appliances. You could check with one of their dealers to see if any of their models use something similar. I don't have much dealings with Dacor.

The only other idea I have is maybe try to find a chair foot cap and modify it to fit into the grate. If it fit it might be possible to drill a hole in the flat end to fit over the nub in the cooktop?

Chair Leg Caps

Dan O.
I can't help but think 'Way to go, Samsung!' for reinventing the wheel (completely unnecessarily).' It drives me nuts to think that my experience can't be unique, which means that there are people whose grate pads are dropping off (and getting lost) all around the world. Amazing to think that Samsung would ignore that.

Dan: I appreciate the time you've spent on this and your suggestions. You've given me some new possibilities to think about and I'll definitely check out Dacor. I didn't know what to expect when I stumbled onto ApplianceBlog.com (I certainly wasn't looking for it) but you have surpassed my expectations even if you weren't able to solve my particular problem. I'll be back when the next appliance acts up. Maybe there's a rubber-like material that can be used in 3D printers ...
Colin C said:
Maybe there's a rubber-like material that can be used in 3D printers ...

I was just thinking that myself. It might be a good opportunity for a niche product to sell on eBay?

BTW. If you need a high temperature adhesive, there are some high temp RTV silicones or muffler cement might also be able to be used

Good luck!

Dan O.
Use high temp rubber cut to fit, use high temp adhesive to secure. your pads are concave. The pads are so as not to scratch the ss. Look how deep the concave pocket is. In the picture, it looks as deep as the grate hole. I doubt you are going to find any 3rd party to work.
I have a 4-year-old Samsung gas range and Samsung has already stopped making parts. This will be the last Samsung product I purchase.
Colin, did you ever find a source for these pads, or come up with a reasonable alternative? I've also lost some of these pads, which aren't well secured and have been trying to find a solution.
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