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Samsung Gas Dryer DV42H5000GW/A3 doesn't start; error code HE


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Aug 4, 2021
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6-10 years
Hi, I have a Samsung Gas Dryer Model DV42H5000GW/A3. It was briefly starting and then stopping with the HE error code (heat issue). After a few cycles of this it just stopped trying to start, and the display went straight to HE. I took everything apart (it was fairly dirty, but not fully clogged). I ohmed out the Thermistor (proper at 12K), the ignitor (proper at 60), and did connectivity checks on the flame sensor, thermostat, thermal limit fuse and all checked.

Cleaned everything, put back together the electronics, and same result. Out of ideas. Control board seems unlikely given the “gradual” problem and the dirtiness of the vent. Gas line seems unlikely given it doesn’t even try to turn on. Samsung online materials claim there is no control board reset beyond removing power. Any other things to try?

One other note, it does have a humidity sensor. I do not think this comes into play for the HE code and all of the troubleshooting steps for it include running the dryer which I cannot due so I do not suspect this part. But I'm out of parts to suspect...
I ohmed out the Thermistor (proper at 12K)
This thermistor:
DC32-00007A Dryer Thermistor

Normal would be about 10k ohms at room temperature, 74 degrees Fahrenheit.

Look here:

And here:

Also here:
HE--->Invalid heating Temp in running the dryer.
Check for :
- Restricted vent system.
- Check Thermistor resistance.

With no clothes in the dryer put it on AIR FLUFF/NO HEAT cycle and give it a few minutes then see if you have heat in the dryer drum, if so its possibly your heating element is grounded, meaning it gets hot all the time and never shuts off even when you set it to NO HEAT.

Have you cleaned all the lint from inside the dryer and inside the internal lint duct and blower wheel housing?

Thanks Jake for the response, reading all those threads I'm not alone. However, I'm not sure on your Thermistor comment. My dryer is in basement and temp is about 65. Here is the chart I was using for the part when I assumed 12K was nominal:

I will pull it out and relocate it to a warmer room and confirm I see a lower resistance. For your question about cleaning out lint inside dryer, lint duct, blower housing... I have cleaned the lint from everything, no improvement. I'm not sure what other components could prevent the unit from even trying to start. It turns on, takes about 15s displaying "on" and then beeps and switches to HE. Not sure if there is an upfront diagnostics and it is detecting the failure at that time. But I would think the gas line/relay wouldn't be in play yet as a possible cause. Also not sure if control panel has any non-volatile memory to retain the error after power off and if there is some additional reset that I can't find online. But I really do not have any ideas what other components to even suspect. Blower motor maybe?

Thanks again for help.
Confirmed in my upstairs the thermistor resistance was 10.1K. So that isn't it...
Room temp can be anywhere between 74 and 77 degrees F. So if the thermistor is about 10k ohms at those temps, then it should be fine.

But I really do not have any ideas what other components to even suspect. Blower motor maybe?
Have you cleaned all the lint from inside the dryer and inside the internal lint duct and blower wheel housing? If so, then that should be fine too.

So that just leaves the control board as the culprit if the thermistor reads good at 74 to 77 degrees F at 10k ohms.

Here's the control board for your model:
DC92-00669Y PCB

Is there a revision number on your model number tag, because I'm showing different control board part numbers based on your revision number.

If your model number is DV42H5000GW/A3-01, Here's the main control board for your model:

The control board I posted in post #7 is for DV42H5000GW/A3-00

yeah that control board is where I am as well. Except the "gradual" process of getting to here really points to a physical/clog event not a computer failure. But I'm out of ideas. Either way, those boards are more $ than I want to put into this dryer while not being certain its the issue.

Thanks for your help again, I appreciate it.

Ok Mike, I understand.

Thanks for the update!


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