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FIXED Samsung Gas Range model #NX58H5600SS - HO EAA Error Code


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Jul 30, 2022
Cleveland, GA
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1-5 years
Our Samsung Gas Range model #NX58H5600SS has an issue that seems to have just started with a fluctuating and inconsistent oven temperature. I placed the probe from my smoker grill in the oven and the temperature (set at 350° F) would rise to above 350 and below 350 (as much as 50 degree differences above and below the set temperature) and then back and forth. I've looked at the manual and I'm thinking that it might be the temperature sensor.

Any other thoughts on what might be going on? Thanks in advance.
Hi, Pull the range out from the wall, then unplug the range, then remove the back access panel and measure the resistance of the oven sensor with a multimeter. It should be about 1050 to 1100 ohms at room temperature.

Here's the oven sensor for your model:
Temperature Sensor DG32-00002B

This video shows you how to ohm test the oven sensor:

Let us know how it goes.

Thanks, Jake. I'm confident that the temperature sensor is defective. On my first test, the resistance reading was less than 1/2 of the 1k - 1.5k I should be getting. Now, using both an analog and a digital ohm's meter, I'm not getting any continuity at all.
Ok, then yes its your oven sensor that is bad.

Let us know how it goes after you replace it.

The replacement sensor was delivered today from AppliancePartsPros, a company I highly recommend. I ordered the part on Sunday and it was delivered today, Tuesday.
I've fixed 2 Samsung refrigerators over the last few years with similar issues regarding temperature sensors.

Anyway, I replaced the temp sensor and then I tested it at 350° for almost an hour. (I'm attaching the graph from my Inkbird Grill Thermometer -- a great little device, IMO). There are fluctuations but, minor and what would be expected in a gas grill where the burner fires up, then off, to maintain the set temperature. (Note: the initial spike on the graph was turning on the oven and it initially setting the temp.)

All in all an easy fix and a LOT less expense doing my self and not calling a repairmen. Plus, my wife calls me "Mr. Fixit" now!!

Thanks again for your feedback and confirming my suspicions -- much appreciated!


  • Oven temp.PNG
    Oven temp.PNG
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Excellent, glad to hear the new oven sensor fixed it.(y)

Thanks for the update!

Good chart too.:)


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