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Samsung Gas Range NX58H5600SS/AA -te- error code tried pcb & switch membrane


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Aug 1, 2022
Model Number
1-5 years
Hello everyone,
I hope you are having a great day!. Well I thought I could fix our 3 year old, (new I thought) gas range.

So far everything I have tried has failed, so I have broken down and come to you here for help:)

My Samsung unit has a model number: NX58H5600SS/AA Feb 2019 looks like Manufacture date.

Our previous range, a whirpool has lasted 12 years with no issues. Its still going in our mother in law quarter :)
Are Samsungs lemons in comparison? :) haha sure seems like it, well maybe we can remedy this issue. I'm willing to try one more (3rd) time.

So my First shot was replacing the PCB. DG92-01107A -the same issue came up where the oven beeps, the display says heating oven, some high temp like 355, goes off, after some time -te- will display. sometimes it would try to start heating but the temp never went above the starting point. My wife said it actually started heating one time when I was not home.

I read another thread where the switch membrane solved the problem on the same Samsung oven/ or maybe that was an -se- error code
I tried this p/n DG34-00027B. (switch membrane) unfortunately i forgot to test membrane before installing the 3M adhesive and is now fully installed, ribbon cable is cinched, all plugs tight, etc. However, our issue remains, When I plugged the oven in to test, the clock beeps but the buttons do not work to change the time. about 30 secs later -te- and beeping occur so we just unplug it. bummer

Is there anything else I can do.? I should be getting a refund on the PCB that was returned, but the switch membrane is a lost cause? Maybe I can remove with a heat gun at try to return, but I am not sure if you recommend that.

Any help would be fantastic! Have a great day
te error code=Assy Display communication error.

1. Check whether connector(TE201) of Assy Display has been inserted.
2. If there is no problem with the connector on the Assy Display and touch glass, replace the control box.

Were you getting the te error code BEFORE you replaced the main PCB and membrane switch(aka touchpad assembly)?

Here's the parts diagram:
1-2 is the main PCB
1-3 is the membrane switch(aka touchpad assembly)

Our previous range, a whirpool has lasted 12 years with no issues. Its still going in our mother in law quarter :)
Are Samsungs lemons in comparison? :) haha sure seems like it
Whirlpool has more experience building appliances than Samsung, that's for sure. Samsung is more known for their TV's and Smartphones.

Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Maytag, Amana, and Jenn-Air have the best reliability and longevity track record.

HI Jake,
I am greatful for your reply, thank you!

We did see the -te- error code before in the beginning that is. It would take a little while longer to get there, what I mean is the clock would start the 12:00 blinking, then some temps and oven on displays, then eventually some other small numbers, finally te would show, planty of beeps and perhaps some other niggles. However now it happens right away after the 12:00 blinking, the brand new touch panel doesnt work at all now.

I am not sure which part is the control box?. it looks like it would be all of the pieces adding up by the description of that parts diagram.

Or is it the box next to pcb in which the touchpad ribbon cable feeds into?

I cant seem to find TE 201 connector
The control box is all the parts in the complete box marked as 1 in the parts diagram link I posted above, unfortunately its not available anymore.

So it would be best to get a exchange on the brand new touch panel.

I cant seem to find TE 201 connector
I can't either, which is very strange. Unless I missed it.

Here's the tech. data sheet:


  • NX58H5600.pdf
    688.8 KB · Views: 147
ok, thank you, i'll try and remove the touch panel and get another one.
Ok, sounds good.

bummer the new touch panel does not make a difference, time to throw the towel in and call appliance repair. thanks for trying to help
That's strange, that should of fixed it.

Let us know what they find if you could please, I'm very curious myself.


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