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Samsung Model DV448AEP/XAC dryer not heating


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May 18, 2022
Model Number
6-10 years
I have been trying to fix the dryer for two weeks now and my thermal fuse keeps blowing.

drying running but no heat

1. got my voltmeter out and tested the DC96-00887A Thermal fuse. No connectivity. Replaced the first time.
2. the Dryer works on one load. DC96-00887A Thermal fuse blows again
3. Replaced the Thermal fuse and Thermostat DC47-00016A - again the thermal fuse blows again
4. Replaced the thermal fuse, Thermostat, DC32-00007A Thermistor and the DC47-00019A Dryer Heating Element - again the thermal fuse blows again.
5. Checked the voltage on the terminal block where your dryer power cord. One side 124 volts the other side 124volts and both sides getting 240 volts.
I am running out of ideas. Please help.
Could be a vent restriction or the heating element grounding out, meaning its staying ON all the time and continually blowing that thermal fuse.

Go outside and see if your exhaust duct is clogged up with lint, also pull the dryer out from the wall and remove the exhaust vent hose and dry a load with the exhaust hose OFF, then you will know for sure its a vent restriction to the outside of your house.

If your vent is clean and clear, then put the dryer on NO HEAT/AIR DRY and run it without clothes in it and see if it gets hot inside the drum.

The vent is clean and clear. Clarification - "and run it without clothes in it and see if it gets hot inside the drum." - assuming I have to put in a new thermal fuse to test this?
Put the dryer on NO HEAT/AIR DRY and run it without clothes in it and see if it gets hot inside the drum before it blows that thermal fuse again, just run it a minute or two.

I have replaced a new thermal fuse and the wire connecting the thermal fuse to the thermostat on the heating element. Ran the dryer for 3mins and the drum is not hot. Should I try running it with low heat or continue to troubleshoot before running it with heat. Please advice.
3 minutes it should of been enough time to heat up in NO HEAT/AIR DRY is the heating element was grounded.

So, you have a very strange problem going on, I don't work on many Samsung appliances in the field to know what else to suggest, hopefully another tech that works on Samsung "Day in and Day out" can shed some light on this problem.


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