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Samsung Model: WF42H5100AW/A2 - 4E error


May 23, 2017
Model Number
1-5 years
Hi, I have a Samsung front load washer that is about 2 years old and it just began giving me a 4E error which according to samsung is that the washer is not filling within a given time.

I have tried/tested the following:

  • cleaned and verified that there are no obstructions in the front filter
  • verified that the mesh screens for both the hot and cold inlets are clean and clear
  • verified I have water coming in and through the inlets. I took the top off and actually disconnected the fill hoses on one end and watched the hoses kick on and put water through. I also verified that the water was coming through the soap mixer.

With the top of the washer off I noticed that there was a hose with a hole in it (see picture) and this hose goes to a pressure switch which I believe is what controls when to shut off the water flow (i.e. drum fills and hose fills until the correct pressure is hit and then cuts the water flow).

Aha! I thought, this must be the problem so I went out and bought a similar length of hose that is ever so slightly a larger diameter but I got gear clamps and clamped it down on both ends so that I cannot pull the hose off without using extreme force.
I know this because I broke the pressure sensor tube attachment and had to buy a whole brand new sensor!

Now, my problem is the issue still is occurring.
  • What can I check next?
  • Does the hose have to be the exact same length? (it's about 5-6 inches longer than the original)
  • Does it need to be a specific type of hose? I believe I got just generic black tubing that you'd use on a car or for fuel.
  • Could the larger diameter be leaking air even with gear clamps pretty tight?

Any and all help is appreciated because it's out of warranty and no appliance repair shops I've called in my city can get to me before next week :(