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Samsung NE595R0ABSR not working after selfclean


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Dec 4, 2015
Ontario, Canada
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We have a Samsung NE595R0ABSR that is barely two years old. Wife started self-clean cycle yesterday when the oven must have overheated and now the oven door is locked and the electronic display has no power, however the stove top elements all work fine. I google searched the problem and replaced the DE47-20037A thermostat fuse but to no avail.

Not sure what my next troubleshooting step should be. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

Cheers and thanks in advance,
Measure the voltage on the back of the ERC between L1 and N. If the voltage is 120 VAC replace the ERC.
Oven Control Board DE92-03045F

Thanks for the reply. I'm new to this and I'm trying to read the schematic. Where the heck do I take the reading? As in what's the best place to read the voltage between L1 and N?
Oven Control Board.jpg
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The one on the bottom right black and white is 120 VAC so the ERC has supply voltage. Replace the ERC.
Replaced the fuse, replaced the board, made sure I was getting 240 at the plug. Still nothing. Am I missing a reset function?

Any other tests I can make before I resort to calling a service person?
OK, with the machine plugged in but everything in the off position measure the voltage between the red wire on the RY2 relay and the gray wire on the RY4 relay. Your meter should indicate 220 VAC. I don't have a tech sheet for that model. If you can post a copy of your tech sheet here, you won't need to call for service.
Red to Grey measures 240.
Let me know if this is enough resolution:
schematics (1).jpg


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OK, first make sure the green ground wire on the power cord is connected to a ground screw on the machine. Besides the wiring diagram is there anything more to the tech sheet?

Unplug the machine then disconnect the keytail connector from the control board and inspect both ends of the keytail for any burned or broken key paths. Reconnect the keytail and be sure it's tight and all the way on the pins. Disconnect the connector for the low voltage transformer (black and white wire) and check continuity between the white wire in the connector and the center spade on the end of the power cord (the part that goes into the outlet).

Disconnect the oven sensor from the board and measure the resistance of the oven sensor. It should be about 1100 ohms. check all the connectors to make sure they are all on tight and none of the wires are backing out of the connectors. Reconnect everything and restore power to the range. Try to set the clock. Where did you get the control board? It doesn't happen very often but you may have got a defective board.

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