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Samsung NE59K3310SS/AA electric range intermittently doesn't heat oven


Jan 26, 2021
California, USA
Model Number
1-5 years

When set to bake mode, the temperature sometimes rises. If the temperature rises, sometimes it reaches the target temperature and sometimes it doesn't.

I have three analog dial oven thermometers inside the oven, which all agree with each other (to my surprise).

In preheat mode, the display shows when the temperature inside the oven increases. If the oven stops working while still in preheat mode, the display says the inside temperature stays constant even when the dial thermometers inside show the temperature decreasing.

If the oven gets hot enough to get past preheat mode, the display only shows the target temperature, even if the actual temperature inside the oven falls.

There are no visible error codes. There is audible relay clicking even when I can tell the temperature is decreasing.

I've removed the range's back panel twice. Both times the oven worked for a few minutes then stopped getting hot.

When bake mode is not working, broil mode also doesn't do anything.

Diagnostics I've done
  • Input power: (three-prong outlet, Nema 10-50)
    • Between hot1 and neutral: 122 V.
    • Between hot2 and neutral: 121 V.
    • Between hot1 and hot2: 209 V.
  • Heating element resistance:
    • Bake element: 22 ohms.
    • Broiler element:15 ohms.
  • Temperature sensor resistance: 1063 ohms at room temperature.
  • Voltage at heating elements:
    • When the oven was working, the bake element got 206 V and the broil element got 207 V.
    • When the oven was not working, my meter showed 0 V but the lowest AC voltage range is 300 V.
  • Voltage at relay outputs. When the oven was not working, both the bake relay and broil relay showed 0 V. (Lowest available AC V multimeter range is 300V.) I could feel the relays clicking! I didn't measure the relay output voltage when the oven was working.
  • Inspected main circuit board, I couldn't see any components that had blown up or released magic smoke.

Other questions
  • Is there a secret way to view error codes?
  • Can anyone help me find a wiring diagram?
  • What is the relays labeled "DLB" for? (The other two relays are labeled "BAKE" and "BROIL.")


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I am having the same issue and my meter readings are the same as yours, what did you find to be the cause?
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