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Samsung not cooling or freezing.

Fred and Harry

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Sep 4, 2023
Model Number
6-10 years
RF220NCTABC - 6 years old refrigerator just out of warranty, unable to find where error codes could be, has a strange temp control setup, help please.
Doesn't have a control panel as such, has a Digital Inverter Compressor and as I understand is variable speed and at the moment it's very difficult to hear it running but touching it you can feel it running and feel a vibration.
My thoughts are that the refrigerator things it's cold as it should be maybe due to a faulty sensor or something. Have read these compressor never switch off and will remain running even at and slow speed.
The red light on the inverter board stays on and from what I have read shows the comp is running correctly.
There isn't much written on this type of model and wondering if anyone here has any experience on these RF220 models.
Many thanks for any help....
you mean the compressor is running correctly.
so is the freezer cold well?
in this model if the compressor runs well the freezer should be cold well.
there is fan evap in the freezer :should run with the compressor.
there is a damper in the rf should open and close depending of the temperature in the rf.
if the compressor is running and the freezer is not cold enuff then you have sealing problem,could be gas problem or compressor problem.
open the freezer,check the evap to see how it is.
Thanks for your reply:
There is no cold anywhere in the refrigerator that I can tell.

Whether the compressor is running correctly or not, I don't know.

It's not an ordinary compressor. It's Digital Inverter Compressor.
Reading about this compressor it runs all the time, capable of running
between 1000 rpm and 4000 rpm depending on the cooling demand.

I'm assuming it's running at approx 1000 rpm where you really wouldn't really hear it and
maybe it's because of low demand due to, maybe a defective sensor or something.

I was hoping someone knows how to get error codes out of it!!

I will open the back of the freezer and let you know what I find.
Leosar, you had mentioned to open up the freezer to see how it is!
It looks fine to me. Tried to remove the back cover, to do this I had to loosen the ice maker,
the cover and the ice maker have plugs which I am not able to remove.

I am at a complete at a loss with this model, it's been two weeks and no forums one seem to understand the problem.
I have not been able to speak to anyone that seems to know what a digital inverter compressor is, or if they do, there not saying.

Samsung issued a ticket two weeks ago and have heard nothing, put me in contact with Service Quick which they say are there service agents,
spoke to someone in Atlanta suppose to get back with me and nothing.

I know, I shouldn't have bought a Samsung.... sad...
The back of the freeze is a pain in the butt, you have to remove the shelves and the door,
you have to drop the ice maker which I couldn't unplug due to access and the rear plastic
cover is so difficult to get to and again the plug for the fan is also impossible to get to.
Finally got in there and forgot what I was looking for. All is clean and the fan spins.
Is there a break down of where everything is? I don't see a damper, where do they hide that?
Has anyone worked on one of there before?
check photo of ( NORMAL FROST PATTERN)

Thanks for the pictures. Mine looks like the Normal Frost Pattern without the frost.

Mentioned in my second post: There is no cold anywhere in the refrigerator.

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