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Samsung NX58H9950WS/AA-00 Not baking


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Mar 17, 2022
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1-5 years
Hi guys , so I’ve been dealing with the no bake issue on this gas stove for a while now, went thru 3 igniters (4 actually , one was the broiler igniter sold as the bake igniter) and 2 control boards (on back of unit) all parts were purchased new thru various vendors as I’ve read some parts just might have been bad even prior to shipping, currently finding parts for this range is almost impossible. Where else can I look to get this oven working, only 2 errors the e21 and e 83, top works broiler works it’s the bake that doesn’t.

Also I had a repair guy come over he did what I did and gave up on me said go buy a new oven, smh, does anyone have any idea ? Added does anyone have a picture of the rear control with wires attached I’m wondering if he put the wires back wrong , he didn’t need to disconnect them , why he did I have no clue. They do not match the wires (in color) as the one in the service manual that I do know. Any help is greatly appreciated I just want to get back to cooking in a real oven.
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