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Samsung Range, Area on cooktop looks scratched and a bit faded after cleaning with baking soda paste

Johanna Wheeler Athas

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Nov 13, 2015
New England
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Hi everyone,

We have an approximately 10-month-old Samsung electric range stove w/convection oven that we recently bought at Sears. It is a ceramic cooktop. The other night, I was cooking some pasta and got distracted and the water boiled over onto the cooktop (which is black). I have used baking soda paste to clean our cooktops for many years with no problems, including this cooktop; however, this time, on the bottom part of the front right burner (the burner I was using), there is an area that looks a bit scratched and the black is a bit faded/foggy looking. I have tried using some Barkeeper's Friend polishing cream, but that didn't really do anything to restore the black shine and that area still looks hazy with a few what appears to be light superficial scratches. I read that using a metal polish may help take care of this, but we have to get some. Does anyone have any other suggestions of anything else I could try? This is really upsetting me as this stove is basically brand new and we just had our kitchen totally remodeled, so obviously I want all of our appliances to maintain their shiny, new appearance!
Unfortunately I doubt you will be able to get it back to new. I haven't found any product that can. If a boil over hits the red element part of the glass I think it burns inside micro cracks. This is probably the "scratches" you see. I haven't heard of using metal polish before. Call Samsung and see what they recommend.
I tried some metal polish this past weekend without much luck, but good news. Since our stove is still under warranty, Sears is replacing the ceramic cooktop for us at no charge. They ordered it today and it should be here by the end of the week and then they will send one of their technicians to replace it. :) I definitely won't let myself get distracted when I have something cooking on the stove again. I normally am so careful with out appliances (they're all new) and I'm always cleaning and polishing our cooktop to keep it looking new, so I can't believe I did this. Oh well. It's getting replaced and will look brand new again, so it all worked out.
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Wow, that's nice of Sears to do that under warranty. I can't figure them out. Most of the time you can't get the time of day from Sears and if it's one day out of warranty they don't want to know you. Then they go do something nice like that. Go figure...lol. Do you need to pay a service call charge or is everything free?
Oh believe me, LOL, I have a HUGE headache after dealing with Sears today on the phone! They are seriously the MOST incompetent company I have ever dealt with! I was transferred from department to department, disconnected, hung up on, then got some complete jerk in the corporate office who wouldn't even let me speak and I had to call back THREE times because she kept either hanging up on me after cutting me off with a severe attitude problem or just blindly transferring me to the main customer service number while I was still talking! I FINALLY got someone who actually knew what she was doing and got the replacement cooktop all ordered for us under the warranty and we don't have to pay a single cent for either the replacement cooktop or the installation since our warranty covers it all!
I have a HUGE headache after dealing with Sears today on the phone! They are seriously the MOST incompetent company I have ever dealt with!
OK, now that's the Sears I'm familiar with! My grandpappy always said the squeaky wheel gets the grease!....lol Good job!

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