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Samsung Range NE58K9500SG Fan will not turn off


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May 28, 2022
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1-5 years
Samsung NE58K9500SG/AA Range - Oven control panel would not light. Discovered relay board was faulty (appears that heating element relay short circuited). Replaced with new relay board. Everything appears to work properly now except the range control panel cooling fan (DE31-0070A) will not turn off. Range oven temperature sensor provides correct ohms at room temperature. Removing connector from oven temperature sensor does not change behavior. Temperature limit switch tests OK.
Hello Jake,
Thank you for your response. The range control cooling fan worked properly prior to the short circuit event that destroyed the relay board. Now, as previously mentioned, it never turns off. I did consider the possibility of having received a faulty control board. However, when I traced the circuitry within the stove to find the source of power to activate the fan, I discovered that it is from pin 8 of connector CN502, which is on the main control board, not the relay board. There could be something on the relay board that is being checked by the main control board that is causing it to keep the fan 'on'. I have attached the wiring diagram for this range.
Thank you,


  • Wiring_Diagrams.pdf
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Yes Richard, it possibly could have shorted the fan circuit on the main control board.

Disconnect the relay board and see if that fan still stays running.

With the relay board removed, the fan does not run. Also, the main control board is totally non-functional (no lights, no touch control, etc) with the relay board removed.
That makes me think your relay board is possibly defective, actually on your model it looks like the relay board is integrated into the main control board.

I only see two boards listed for your model here: NE58K9500SG/AA-0000 Circuit Board Parts

So you may want to contact the place where you got that board and have them exchange it for another new one.

Thanks Jake. I ordered a replacement relay board; however, it performs the same as the first new relay board I acquired (i.e., everything works properly, except the range control cooling fan will not turn off).
That's very odd, you have a very "uncommon" problem here, you will probably need to contact Samsung at 1-800-SAMSUNG (726-7864) and have them come out to see what's going on.


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