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Samsung Range NE59K3310SS Drops Heat - does bake element look ok?


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Jun 11, 2022
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1-5 years

We have a NE59K3310SS stove we inheritated with our recent house purchase.

We’ve noticed the following two issues:
1. Oven doesn’t heat up to desired temperature: 25 degrees off. Fix: add 25 degrees to desired temperature. Today we recalibrated the stove to avoid this step.

2. Oven preheats to desired temperature - sometimes all the way to 450 (using analog temperature thermostat to confirm) but drops heats shortly after and does not recover. Anywhere from 50-25 degrees.

Things we’ve tried:
-tested oven thermostat. Ohm reading is within acceptable range.
-removed and tested bake element. No issue with continuity. Visually looks ok, but photo attached to confirm. We assume the erosion is more the coating vs an actual issue but happy to be wrong.

No connectors were loose, and nothing looked burnt out other than the oven light.

Any ideas? We’ve read about replacing the control board, but wanted to get an opinion before buying it as it’s $200 and feels pricy if it’s not the issue (as it wasn’t with another thread on here I searched first)


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Yes, we had a member with a similar problem and we all thought since the bake element ohm tested good and heated up that it was ok, but it wasn't. This problem is very Samsung brand specific, usually on other brands when the bake element goes bad it will NOT heat at all, period.

Here's that thread:

So I'd order and replace the BAKE element. Your model uses that exact same BAKE element as in that thread.

Here's the bottom BAKE element for your model:

RepairClinic ships to Canada: Bake Element DG47-00038B

Let us know how it goes.

Thanks Jake. Does the bake element I posted look alright to the eye? I guess I don’t have many other options. So I can try the bake element and then if that doesn’t solve, control panel?
Ok, sounds good. Keep us posted.


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