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Samsung Range NX58F5500SS light flickering only when opened


Sep 3, 2022
Model Number
6-10 years
I’ve had this issue for a while but it never truly bothered me until today. It seems the lamp in the back upper right hand corner is flickering and making a loud clicking noise everytime it happens.

It happens with or without the oven being preheated. The door seems to close fine and appears to be sealed. No gas smells of any sort either. Oven still locks.

I haven’t done much to work this out besides reading forums / YouTube videos.
I figure I’ll start with the ultra simplistic things such as screwing it in or out. Could it be the bulb itself?

I have a multimeter and I’m capable of doing whatever it takes. I read on another forum it could be the temp sensor, thoughts on that?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, let me know if you need any other information.

Hi Nick,

Its possible its just a bad oven light bulb, its just a normal 40 watt appliance bulb you can get at any store. What I do is check for 120 volts with my meter at the oven light bulb socket terminals in the back on the range with the oven door open and see if you have a CONSTANT 120 volts to that oven light bulb socket.

If so, its just a bad bulb.

Here's the OEM oven light bulb for your model:

Hi Jake,

Not to highjack OPs post...but I have the same issue with my NX58F5500SS. The oven is not "on or baking" it's just when the door is opened. I metered the light socket, and it seems to be something with the oven itself. I keep getting the clicking and the voltage keeps dropping. I also have an unresponsive keypad, so I can't turn on the bake/broil feature, but I have already posted a thread for the part# for that. Any ideas?

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