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FIXED Samsung Refrigerator RF25HMEDBSG/AA Freezing Food in Refrigerator


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Sep 24, 2022
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1-5 years
My Samsung RF25HMEDBSG/AA refrigerator is freezing food in the refrigerator but the front panel reads 45 degrees. Thermometer placed inside reads 19F. My google searches & reading indicates that it is probably a bad temperature sensor.

I pulled the temperature sensor clipped to the evaporator coil behind the panel in the back near the top & put a meter on it. Seemed to check out okay, (5000 ohms @ 77F, 13000 ohms @ 32F) but I was thinking I might replace it anyway.

Looking for a replacement I find more than one part listed. Is there more that one sensor in the fridge compartment? Which part do I need and is there more than one sensor that could be the culprit?
Thank you! With your information I was able to find the second sensor, and it failed testing. (At room temperature it was okay, but gave erratic signals at fridge temps). A new part DA32-00011D is on order. I will update after installation to let you know the result.
Sounds good, yes let us know how it goes.

The new sensor fixed the refrigerator freezing problem. Looks like I may have a new problem now but I'll start a new thread when I have time to look in to it some more.

Glad to hear that.(y)

Thanks for the update!

I think my new problem is unrelated to the first, but it's starting to get really annoying, we haven't had this refrigerator for even four years yet.

After the new sensor the refrigerator stopped freezing everything ran normally for maybe two days. Then the temp in the freezer started going up, eventually to around 55F.

After a lot of reading and trouble-shooting I think it's maybe a blockage in the sealed system. (Refrigerator continues to keep temperature fine but there is frost on the refrigerator evaporator coil and the compressor has been running hard).

Since it is under warranty Samsung will be sending a field tech next week. I'll let you know what happens.
Final update in case anyone was wondering. After getting a replacement compressor installed it was determined the freezer problem was a leak in the sealed system where it could not be repaired. We have a refund being processed. Time to go shopping...
Thanks for the update!


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