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FIXED Samsung Refrigerator RF263BEAESG/AA - Icemaker known issue!


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Nov 5, 2021
Marion, IL
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1-5 years
Okay…. It is obvious that there is a serious design/quality issue with Samsung in-door ice makers installed in French door - bottom freezer refrigerators. There are several “YouTube” fixes from complete replacement to simply caulking the seams separating the icemaker compartment from the refrigerator section.
One YouTube repair guru said he bought a “Samsung Approved factory repair kit” to fix the icing issue that included a new icemaker tray/dump motor assembly, a new motherboard and a heated fill tube.
Does anyone know if Samsung has finally acknowledged the problems with the design and have made this fix kit available as the “sure cure” for icing issues?
Is the kit a “fix all“ for all affected models or do they have to be ordered model specific? Is the kit sold at a reasonable cost? My fridge is only 3 years old, so out of warranty. Plus all the local appliance retailers with service department around here either hate to work on Samsung appliances or simply say they will not work on them due to parts issues. Therefore I must do the work myself. My sister worked for a local dealer who refuses to work on Samsung and tells me that her former employer referred all Samsung owners to a Samsung regional service that sometimes takes months to respond to a call for service.
I posted the parts for that kit and the service bulletin on that kit in post #3 here:

Thanks, Jake! Part has been ordered. Though it seems a bit unfair that we consumers must pay nearly $200 for the parts to fix ourselves with no help from Samsung on a known problem with the design and manufacturing.
Samsung may be sure that their brand will not be found in my home ever again!
But you are golden! Fast and complete answer!
Every appliance in my house is Maytag and Whirlpool, nothing else will ever be let in. LOL

Let us know how it goes.:)

The new Icemaker is installed with few issues. One bit of advice is to do the replacement while unplugged. If you are just in the forced defrost mode, it may end and go back to cooling before you get the new one in place, and the freezing coil will ice up quickly and prevent easy changeout. You will have to defrost again. My unit had the “Y” wires, so no issue there.

Wife and I believe the ice itself is better clarity and quality with new Icemaker. One thing I did different was to use the clear RTV silicone to seal all the joints between the ice cabin and the refrigerator on the OUTSIDE. You don’t have to remove the ice screw drive that way.

I was a plumber for a long time and have a practiced hand with caulking, and used a silicone edge finishing tool. It looks great, and I am confident that errant moist air is no longer getting to the ice cabinet.
if this is not the long fix, don’t worry. I will be back to slander Samsung some more.
Excellent @Nukedaddy good job.(y)

Thanks for the update and added information you provided!


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