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Samsung Refrigerator RF27T5241SR/AA ice maker issues


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May 15, 2023
Model Number
1-5 years
Bought this side-by side, bottom freezer, dual ice maker refrigerator in early '21. Had a tech out back in October '22 to fix an issue with the upper ice maker. It was basically freezing up. Lots of condensation forming under ice maker, then freezing, then it would push the tray out a bit such that it would not dispense ice. The issue occurred repeatedly. His fix was to thaw out the line and put in a new filter, then directed me to never buy the aftermarket water filters, only by samsung filters as the aftermarket ones cause ice maker issues. REgardless, I only used samsung filters since.

New issue just started recently. I replaced the filter (with samsung filter). I could not get the light to reset. No big deal, everything worked fine. Finally, one day I played with buttons until I got the filter reset light off. since then, the top ice maker stopped working. The bottom ice maker slowed down to a crawl, to the point that now over 4 days, it has not produced any ice. I will add that the water dispenser works fine.

Any thoughts?
Hi, yes that is a strange problem. I've not seen this problem before or I could assist you.

Hopefully another tech or member that's seen this problem and fixed it can shed some light on this issue.

Other than that its best to Contact Samsung to come back out to see why this is happening. You can contact Samsung at 1-800-SAMSUNG (726-7864).
4 things I am gong to try, in this order:
1. Remove, reinstall filter. (when I installed the new filter, all was well. Seems like issues started when I reset the filter light. Makes no sense)
2. Try the reset button on the lower ice maker (top one will chime, with no results)
3. power cycle the refrigerator (unplug for 2 minutes)
4. Replace filter. (I ordered new filters today)

If 1-3 do not work tonight, I will reach out to customer service.
Ok, sounds like a good plan.
As luck, or in this case irony, would have it, I came home last night and found fresh ice in both ice maker bins. I initially opened the freezer, looking for a reset on the lower icemaker. I could not find it. I did notice the ice in the bin looked fresh, mixed with bagged ice I had bought 2 days ago. odd I thought. I checked the maker, and the tray was empty and dry. Anyway, I checked the upper ice maker and the bin was full. Now I am curious if the repeated pushing of the reset button on Sunday did something. Who knows.
Now I am curious if the repeated pushing of the reset button on Sunday did something. Who knows.
That might be the case, glad to hear its making ice again.:)

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