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Samsung Refrigerator RF28JBEDBSG intermittent dispenser


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Mar 25, 2023
Model Number
1-5 years
I have a RF28JBEDBSG French door fridge that's 4 years old now. About 3 weeks ago the water and ice dispenser stopped functioning.

The ice maker makes ice. The lines are not frozen. The water pressure is fine, the filter is new. The control lock is not on. The doors aren't alerting about being open.

I opened up the dispenser panel and operated the switch manually and don't hear any buzzing, so it seems electrical.

When operating the dispenser switch, randomly the led on the dispenser will come on and it will make a noise from the back of the fridge like it's working.

I replaced the dispenser and it's board, no change.

I replaced the main control board, no change.

I took the water inlet actuator out and everything seems to be in order there... I haven't replaced that yet.

Do I replace the water inlet valve next? What else on this could be related to this problem electronically?

I just checked the voltage at the inlet valve and it looks like solid 36v ac on all four terminals. When using the dispenser switch I don't see any voltage change...

I checked the resistance of the two solenoids and it looks like one is 288ohm and the other is 388ohm.
It sounds more like a broken or shorted wire in the door wire harness, because you mentioned the ice dispenser is not working either, and the water inlet valve doesn't control the ice dispenser, just the water to the water dispenser and ice maker.

So, I'd first check your door wire harness connections where the wires come into the door. On some models its underneath the upper left side door hinge cover.

Also check to make sure none of the metal pins in the connectors have backed out or got damaged.

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