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Samsung Refrigerator RF28JBEDBSR/AA Ice Maker Options


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Sep 5, 2022
Lakewood, CO
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6-10 years
Hello Everyone,

I have a Samsung RF28JBEDBSR/AA. My refrigerator is about 8 years old and recently the ice maker has started freezing up. I have thawed it a couple times, but it ices right within a couple days. I can still make ice, but it is very slow and eventually stops. I did a parts search on Amazon and noticed that pretty much all parts are unavailable for my refrigerator. Are there third party options that are worth buying? Is there something I can do to help prevent the ice build up? We are going to be selling our house in the next few months so I would like it to work, but I don't want to spend a bunch of money on it.

The coil inside of the ice machine is covered in ice and I get frost buildup outside of the machine near the tray. I have attached a picture of the icebox without the tray in it. I did not run a thaw cycle so I am in unable to open up the area where the coil is to take a photo of that.

Ice production is very slow and eventually stops. I have replaced the water filter with a new Samsung filter and the problem persists.


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I can't tell if that is clear "ice" or "frost". If ice, the icemaker may be overfilling slightly. If frost, warm room air may be leaking into that compartment and condensing and freezing on the icemaker.

The speed of ice production is liked to temperature. Colder = faster, warmer = slower. If it is frost on the icemaker, that frosting could be affecting the cooling in that area as well, limiting ice production.

I'm afraid I am not at all familiar with the construction of that product to suggest possible causes of either. If no one else can offer their experience here, you might need to call for service. I'd suggest a Samsung *factory service depot* if you do.

Dan O.

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