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FIXED Samsung Refrigerator RF28R6201SR/AA Outside Ice Dispenser Touch Control not working


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Mar 11, 2022
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1-5 years
I'm hoping to get some help/advice in regards to this issue that i'm having with my Refrigerator. I purchased this fridge in May 2020 and it worked great until September of 2021 and thats when the headache started. The buttons on the outside of the refrigerator no longer respond to touch and no longer light up. However the inside panel control works for changing from water to crushed/cubed ice, so we can work around and have it switch but just have to open the fridge. When i ran the troubleshooting through the app it tells me to place a service call. The message says Sub-Display communication status check and that a service check is required. It may occur momentarily due to an internal communication failure of the sub-display and the main circuit.
I called samsung and they scheduled out a repair company who called days later and upon looking at reviews got really bad reviews and was not near my town. I called a local appliance guy who came out and diagnosed it as the pcb main board being the problem and ordered a new one. Eventually the board came in and he replaced it and still nothing, he then tried replacing the assy cover dispenser(part#DA97-17299E) and still nothing. At this point he said he didn't know what else it could be and so i told him i would try samsung again and request a different repair shop. So after calling them tried to send the same repair people, i looked on yelp and found a samsung repair tech group nearby and they came out and troubleshoot it this time with samsung on the phone and walking them through some of the troubleshooting. They determined that DC wasn't coming from the pcb control board and that it may be a defective board that the previous repair guy fixed. He said that the part was backordered though until april 20th and estimated the repair with parts and labor coming out to another $400 in addition to the $119 service call. I told him i didn't really want to wait until the 20th and i'd contact the previous repair guy to see if they could get a replacement board.
I ended up ordering a new board online and got it today, swapped it out and it still doesn't work. The repair company is coming back out next thursday but thought i would check on here to see if anyone might have experience with something similar.
Any help would be appreciated.
After replacing the board a couple more times I called Samsung again and after complaining they comp’d their repair company to come out and diagnose and repair despite it being out of warranty. The company came out and replaced the dispenser and the board and still nothing. They then ordered a complete left door. Week later they replaced the door and it’s now working perfectly. I’m guessing something was damaged or not connected correctly within the wiring harness inside the door.
wow did not expect a response so fast. Thank you for the info!
So they replaced the entire door, that sounds expensive. How much did you pay for that?
wow did not expect a response so fast. Thank you for the info!
So they replaced the entire door, that sounds expensive. How much did you pay for that?
Samsung covered the cost. Not sure how much it would have been.

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