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Samsung Refrigerator RF28T5021SG Not Cooling


Aug 9, 2022
Portland, OR
Model Number
1-5 years
My fridge stopped cooling, it's only about 2 years old. Here's it's journey as far as I know:

I received it non-working. The compressor was not running. After messing with things, testing/hard starting the compressor, the fridge worked. I can not fully explain this.

The fridge worked for about 2-3 months without issue.

The fridge stopped working - compressor would not run, LED light on mainboard blinked 3 times, as it did when I got it originally.

At some point the fridge did work again for about 12 hours. I don't believe I did anything notable to make this happen. This made me think the relay on the mainboard was bad.

I replaced the mainboard. The compressor turns on every time, no error codes, but now it does not cool, still.

Any advice on where to go from here? I'm confused by the compressor being/not being the issue, as it has been in non-cooling states with the compressor both running and not running.

Your help is greatly appreciated!

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