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Samsung RF23HTEDBSR/AA freezing fresh food in refrigerator

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Mar 14, 2021
Model Number
1-5 years
My fridge keeps on freezing fresh foods/liquids. Fridge temp is set to 40 degrees and shows 40 on external display, but obviously it is much colder inside. An inch of water in a glass freezes within a few hours. Items placed in drawers and on door not freezing as much or as quickly as items on middle to upper shelves. So far I've tried the following:

Yesterday - Removed back inside panel. Checked both sensors with multi-meter. Both had normal readings. Coils were frosty and coil sensor was on had a little ice, but certainly no large build ups that were visible. Put sensor back and seemed to be ok for 6 hours or so of no freezing.

This morning - back to frozen. Unplugged and let sit for 15 mins before plugging it back in. 3 hours later, back to frozen. Removed back panel again, this time no frost/ice to be found despite foods liquids freezing again.

If sensors are good and I have no noticeable ice build up, what else could it be? I should also note that when I turn off or have doors open for some time, display temperature rises accurately. Display always eventually returns to set temp but never lower despite it being freezing inside.

Appreciate any suggestions. Thank you!

Hi Dan, You will need to order and replace the refrigerator sensor.

Here's the refrigerator sensor for your model that you will need to fix this problem:
DA32-00011C Sensor

3 members with this exact same problem said it fixed theirs:

hello, my issue with the same model is that the refrigerator is not getting cold, the freezer and the ice maker are working find, any suggestions on where to start? TIA
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Yes, get a multimeter and remove the electrical connector to it and set your meter on DC Volts and put your meter probes in the two terminals that connect to that fan motor, then see if you are getting 12 Volts DC to it from your meter.

When you click the part link I posted to that fan motor above, you will see a video of how to access it.

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