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Samsung RF23J9011SR/AA Cool Select Room not freezing


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Mar 29, 2023
Central Florida
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1-5 years
Have a Samsung RF23J9011SR/AA fridge that is 3 years old, and have kept the bottom right hand section set as a freezer pretty much since day one.
Noticed a week or two ago that this "Cool Select Room" is not freezing as cold as before and had some items start to defrost.
Took the back panel off and checked the evaporator coil and doesn't seem to be iced up too badly.
Checked the evaporator fan and supplied 12VDC to it and fan runs without issue. Measured output from the wiring harness where the evaporator fan plugs into and reads low (1.2VDC) with the door open and then when I activated "Power Freeze" measured 12-13VDC. Wasn't able to find the door switch to measure the output from the wiring harness to the evaporator fan with the switch tricked into thinking the door was closed, but connected the fan up with the back panel disconnected and closed the door and fan ran at least for a while.
Called Samsung and of course the fridge/freezer is out of warranty, but followed their troubleshooting steps of unplugging the fridge for ten minutes and plugging it back in again with a glass of water in the freezer to see if it would freeze. Seemed to be good for a couple of days and then back to not being cold enough.
Anything else I can check before putting a pierce valve on the charging line and checking with gauges?
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They call that bottom right hand section the--->Cool Select Room per the owners manual, and yes it can be used as a freezer.

I'm not familiar with this model per how the goes through that section, unfortunately. Some models have a solenoid valve(3-way valve) that cycles it. I'm not sure about this model.

Anything else I can check before putting a pierce valve on the charging line and checking with gauges?
Check that refrigerant solenoid valve(3-way valve) to see if its working properly, but I don't have the service manual that shows you how to check it.

Hopefully another tech or member that's seen this problem and fixed it can shed some light on this issue.
Thanks for the reply Jake!

You're right, this is the Cool Select zone/cabinet and currently have it set to -2F but it's not cutting the mustard! Will take a look and see if I can see anything about a solenoid valve to operate this zone and see what's going on there. Just find it odd that when I did the "power cycle" with the Samsung Troubleshooting "Tech" it worked for a couple of days and then went right back to not freezing again.

Hoping someone has had the same issue and can point me in the right direction.

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