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Samsung RF265ABBP Freezer Temperature issue


Aug 17, 2019
New York
Model Number
6-10 years
I'm having an issue with a Samsung RF265ABBP Fridge. The unit was not used for 1 year and was in storage. My other refrigerator broke so got this unit out of storage and trying to use it. The unit has Twin Cooling and 2 evaporator coils. The refrigerator took 1 day to cool and works great but the freezer is not cold enough after 2 days. The unit has a temperature display for both freezer and refrigerator. I've set the setting to the lowest freezer temperature ( -14 degrees ) . The problem is that after I plug in the freezer it appears to be cooling and the freezer temperature display goes down to -14 degrees but the actual freezer temperature is 45 degrees. So I unplug the unit and reset it after a minute and the freezer temperature displays 45 degrees then few hours later the display will go down to -14 degrees , but the actual freezer temp is now 35 degrees. So now I unplug and reset again. And I keep doing this until the actual freezer temperature is acceptable. ( Attached photos show the sequence over 1 min of time ) So the freezer displayed -10 deg, then I unpluged and plugged back in and the dis[play showed 88 88 ( with 1 bar on top blinking ), then I reset by holding " power freeze and power cool " and freezer display showed 30 deg ( accurate )


My question is why is the temperature on display much higher then the actual freezer compartment after hours of cooling . And why does the displayed temperature jump up 40 degrees upon reset ?
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