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Samsung RF28K9580SG. 4-door, Everything checks out but does not cool.


Mar 23, 2023
Phoenix, AZ
Model Number
6-10 years
I have a 6 year old Samsung 4 french door Family hub refrigerator and the cooling system has just stopped working. After doing a 24 hour thaw it was plugged back in and only reached 57* in the fridge, and 66* in the freezers after about 6 hours. Diagnostics/system check shows all systems are good, no errors or codes.

The repair tech looked in the back and said everything was working and said it is either a clog in the line or it's out of freon (i.e. a leak). He explained that it would be pricey to repair and likely have an issue down the road. He seemed honest and said he would just mark it down that "we didn't answer the door" so we wouldn't be charged a service/diagnostic fee.

I hate to call it quits on this fridge as it is still in great condition. That being said, does this sound right? What are my options?
Yes, that sounds like he was right. A sealed system problem. But you can check your owners manual warranty, some Samsung models have up to a 10 yr. limited warranty on the compressor.
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