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Samsung RSH7PNRS Side by side fridge/freezer


May 11, 2022
South Africa
Model Number
6-10 years
Hi All,

I am currently having an issue with our Samsung Side by side fridge freezer, Model No. RSH7PNRS. It started about a week ago when the freezer started thawing out, got to a point where the compressor would not start at all. I managed to trace this fault to one of the relays on the main PCB board. After changing this relay the compressor and condenser fan started operating again but now the fridge has come down to temperature but not the freezer. After further checks of defrost system etc all appears normal and al fans are operating. All supply voltages are present, the compressor runs for around 2minutes and then stops, noticed that on inverter PCB the LED then blinks three times, after around 10 minutes the compressor starts again and cycles in the same manner. The compressor windings have been checked and measure normal at around 12.7Ohm, the compressor does not get hot and sounds normal when running. I have had a clamp meter on the cables and it is drawing around 1.0Amp when it is running. The unit once did this before but came right by itself after a day or two but does not seem to be coming right now. When put into forced operation mode the same appears to be happening, starting to wonder if there is possibly a blockage somewhere on the system. Does anyone have any information as to what all can cause the compressor to stop, i.e is there a LP or HP cut out on the system or does it just work on the overload which has been tested and is fine.
Only information I can find online so far is that three blinking lights on PCB(inverter) indicates a position failure but cannot see it being a problem with the compressor as it does run and is cooling the fridge at the moment.
Unfortunately I am learning all these electronics as going along and do not want to spend a fortune on repairing the unit as may not be worth it but suspect it is either an electronic fault or perhaps a blockage?
Thanks in advance for any advice.
Hi, as much as we would love to help you, we can't, your European model is completely different than the USA models.

Try a European forum called UK Whitegoods.


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