Samsung Tech came out to repair dishwasher

Oct 1, 2021
I need some advice please. I bought my dishwasher about one year and a week ago. I have not used it on a regular basis.
When I went to use it again, it would not drain completely and my Normal light started blinking. I called the tech, I dried it
out, then ran it again. Still did not drain. Rep came out today and was pretty rude and unprofessional from when he first
called to let me know he was a few minutes away. He finally pulled out my dishwasher and then called me over and said he
found a roach and some debris in the back of the unit, a little indented part of the plastic somewhere. I couldn't see it very
well. He said he had to call Tech. He talked to tech and told the the same thing. He said he will not be working on it and I
asked why.

Long story short, he didn't want to answer any of my questions. I said the majority of time units have some debris and maybe
a few bugs on the back or floor when you pull them out. I have no live bugs scurrying around, nor were there any on the entire
floor area of where he pulled the unit out. I had to call Samsung back and explain the situation to them. They are going to send
out another tech. I told the Rep, I can vacuum any debris up if needed. I told her I have had other technicians to my house over
the past few years for other repairs and have NEVER had a problem.

Besides all this, I am very upset that my almost new dishwasher has already broken. I also bought a Samsung Refrigerator and
The reason I ask is because if it is under warranty and they won't repair it, you should be able to get a refund for the price you paid or a replacement. Are you looking for advice on how to deal with Samsung?
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