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Samsung Washer WF45K6500AV/A2 Machine stops mid cycle


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Jun 2, 2022
Good morning, I'm experiencing very similar issues with my WF45K6500AV/A2. Machine stops mid cycle. I have a dc, 3c2, ddc, and a bc2 code. At some point (clicking when draining) I concluded that the drain pump was the issue and replaced it along with the circulatory pump. I still have the mid cycle stopping issue.

My guess is that since the drum still spins strong, it's not the direct drive motor (stator). Based on the above thread, it seems likely that I too have a bad inverter (and based on some intuition I think a sensor could cause the issue, maybe the hall sensor). Can anyone share how to troubleshoot this issue or confirm what part(s) need replacing? IE: Test the inverter?

Here's the service manual: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Osz5OgKaQdYRxTFL6oq7pg90g5nKS3rv/view?usp=sharing

--->Washing Motor Error and Hall Sensor Error--->Look on page 29 it tells you what it should read.

On page 37 it does mention the invertor, but doesn't show you how to test it.

Here's the motor inverter board for your model:

Thanks for the reply and the link. I did find the link earlier. Very helpful. I've attached the Technical Information papers that came with the unit. They provide inverter resistance tests.

It's definitely a 3C2 code. I got the "3C" code when the unit stalled mid cycle, and 3C2 after going into the installation mode and checking error codes.

Of not, Samsung has a 10 year warranty on the motor, that leads me to believe the motor itself would not likely be the issue.

Last night I opened the Inverter up and did some checking based on the manual. The test of resitance test in CN6 went well(ish). I did an ohm test on the wired side of the connector and they all checked out ranging from 11.8-12.1. However, I tried to do the same on the prongs in the receiving socket and got nothing. Is this the wrong way to do the resistance test?

I checked the Hall sensor according to the diagnostic and got 1.33v and 1.35v between pins 4&2 and 4&3 respectively.

Add to this mystery, I've run a load on delicate and another on the regular cycle with the spin turned from high to medium, both without issue...

Any ideas?


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Look here:

WF45K6500AV_A2 Error Doc (2).jpg
Yes, what you have outlined in red is exactly what I did and described the results for in my reply. It seems that there is nothing wrong unless I'm misinterpreting the results.

Since my last post, we've continued using the machine. It seems to go through a full delicate cycle without issue. And the frequency of errors on normal, is reduced when we turn the spin cycle down.

Is there a spin sensor of some sort that might be giving me trouble? Or maybe a load balance sensor? Could it be an issue with the suspension (shocks)?
Possibly the hall sensor(aka (Rotor Position Sensor).

Here's the Hall Sensor (Rotor Position Sensor) for your model(Video Included):
Rotor Position Sensor DC31-00098A

The service manual I posted above will you how to test it.

I have noted it seems to be less an issue. Maybe Jake can help me interpret what I have discovered?

1. Attached Haul sensor test, passed.
2. Motor Check (Inverter) resistance test and got zero's across the board (pg. 9 of 10 says should be ~12 ohms.).
3. Motor winding test returned 12+/-0.3 ohms (paper work says these should be 6 ohms).
4. Using the attached inverter PCB test I got the following results (procedure says all results should be ~4.6 ohms):
CN6 Pins 1 2 3
CN2 Pin-1: 6.10 6.11 6.13
CN2 Pin-2: 7.09 7.10 7.11
CN2 Pin-3: 7.08 7.10 7.11
CN2 Pin-4: 4.30 4.33 4.36
Is this conclusive that my board is shot?
5. The Inverter Board haul sensor test (using the pins on the board) returned 0.98 and 1.3 ohms. I think this should have been 2-4 ohms.
6. @SPLzero Is the board you replaced the inverter or main board or both?

Any help is appreciated, thanks.


  • Service Flash Will Not Spin Above 400 RPM & Direct Drive Motor Hall Sensor... (1).pdf
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Motor Check (Inverter) resistance test and got zero's across the board (pg. 9 of 10 says should be ~12 ohms.).
Yes, it would be the motor inverter board per your Motor Check (Inverter) resistance test.

Also look here:


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