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Samsung WF210ANW front loader noises when spinning

Apr 22, 2023
United States
Model Number
1-5 years
Hi all,

I just got this machine for free. It does everything it’s supposed to, but it makes violent noises and “walks” across the floor, especially once in the rinse/spin stage. I believe it’s just drum bearings, but wanted opinions since this is the first washer repair I’ve ever been about to do.

Hopefully this Google drive link works if the video attachment doesn’t. Thank you ✨

Usually on these models when this happens its the drum support spider arm has cracked or broken, I'd check that first. When you click the link to it below, you will see a video of how to access it.

Here's the drum support spider arm for your model:
Spider Arm Assembly DC97-15877B

If the drum support spider arm is fine, then yes its bad bearings: Assy S.tub Back;bigbang- DC97-15931A

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