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Samsung WF218ANW/XAA01 shocks question and not spinning fast.


Jul 24, 2021
United States
Model Number
More than 10 years
Our model is the WF218ANW/XAA01. We've had it since 2010 and it's been good. Starting in 2021 we started having issues with the "nd" code. We did periodically drain the washer and clean out the filter. I purchased a new Drain Pump Assembly (DC96-01700A) and installed it in 2021-Feb. No more "nd" codes.

  • In past 12 months, replaced Drain Pump Assembly, front and rear shocks, and cleaned drain hose.
  • Replaced rear shocks with wrong part (newer part?). Is this going to present more problems?
  • Still have problem of spin cycle not spinning high rpms.
  • Is it worth it to throw more time and money at this and replace the Direct Drive Motor "Hall" sensor (DC31-00076A)?
Beginning in 2021-Dec, we started noticing clothes were more wet at the end of a cycle. I would perform an extra spin cycle and saw that the washer was re-rinsing the clothes and that it would never reach high spin. It would take 30+ minutes for the spin cycle. Sometimes it would sit there doing nothing and then continue with the spin cycle. The drum did appear to shake more than I preferred, so I started troubleshooting that. I installed 4 new shocks.
  • Front: 2x DC66-00470A
  • Rear: 2x DC66-00470B (I discovered my mistake after buying.)
I realized my mistake, because the rear shocks should have been part DC66-00343A. I've already installed the DC66-00470B. Am I going to create a problem by running the wrong shock part? Or do I need to correct my mistake and put the correct part in?

While I had it open, I also removed the rear drain hose and flushed it out, just because. The back of the drum looked clean and didn't exhibit any of the leaking I've read about if it was a bearing or spider issue. And when I manually spun the drum I didn't hear any grinding metal indicative of bearings.

I put it back together and ran an empty rinse+spin cycle. Everything worked fine. It filled up with water, drained completely, and spun at full high speed. No drum wobbling.

Thinking it was fixed, I put a load of clothes in. It did the same problem as before. It got to the spin cycle and it re-rinsed and never reached a high speed.

I don't know what else to try. I researched calibration, but I can't figure out how to do that on our model. Maybe it doesn't have that mode. I don't mind trying something else (Balance Ring?), but I also don't want to invest more money and it not fix the problem when I should just buy a new one.

Then I stumbled upon this 2019 thread here: https://www.applianceblog.com/mainf...18anw-xaa-wont-go-into-high-speed-spin.72663/. It seems to talk about the exact same problem. Even the Samsung Tech Bulletin linked in that thread seems to be the issue: the Direct Drive Motor "Hall" sensor (DC31-00076A) is bad. Do you think this could be the problem. I'm this close to buying a new washer, but the tech side of me wants to find the solution.

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