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Samsung WF431ABP/XAA-02 not spinning and had a burning smell at the end of the cycle


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May 11, 2021
Ontario Canada
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6-10 years
Hi, I'm hoping I could get some help here.
I have a Samsung front load washing machine and last night at the end of a load we heard a loud bang and the washing machine was just completing a load.
Upon opening the door, I could smell a faint, but noticeable smell like burnt plastic or something.

Now the unit will turn on and it seems to dispense water, however will not spin.

After a few hours on YouTube I found a video that said that it might be the Motor Rotor.
But how do I determine what the part is that needs to be replaced?
Also, there is no error code.

Any help or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Corrected model number
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Your model number does not pull up as good. Please recheck it. In fact take a photo of your model number tag on your machine and upload it here.


You will need to pull the machine out and unplug it, and see what broke, there are many parts that can break like that in the back of the machine.

Here's the parts diagram for your model:
#2-1 is the stator
#2-2 is the rotor
#2-3 is the rotor position sensor
#6-3 is the inner tub flange(spider support arm)

Most all those parts have videos to show you how to access them, then you can see which broke.

Thanks Jake,
While investigating online I was seeing posts similar and they spoke about a Tub Bearing issue?

My question to you is:
Would you suggest that I purchase the stator (which comes with the positioning sensor, if I'm not mistaken) and rotor first?

If AppliancePartsPro accepts returns I could simply return the parts I don't need and move on to the more complex repair.

What do you suggest?
AppliancePartsPros and RepairClinic not longer accept returns on electrical or electronic parts you have already installed, other that that I believe you can return NON electrical or electronic parts.

I don't suggest you purchase any parts till you verify what broke first.:)

Glad to help.:)


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