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Sanidry XP dehumidifier that has stopped dehumidifying


Sep 28, 2020
Albany, NYWashing Machine
Model Number
Sanidry XP
6-10 years
I have a nine-year-old Sanidry XP dehumidifier that has stopped dehumidifying. The display on the side of the machine shows the output humidity to be in the low 70's percent.

The fan runs and the compressor runs. I shopvaced the top heat exchanger in the hope this would help.

There are bits of ice on the tubing under the heat exchanger, and some has fallen into the drip pan under the heat exchanger.

There is a humidity probe on top of the heat exchanger. Is there any chance that this is the problem. It's hot-glued to the top of the heat exchanger and the wiring is accessible, so it would be easy to replace it if I could get the part.

I've seen some discussion of error codes for this or similar models. If there is a mode to obtain error codes, how do I access it?

Thanks for your help!


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