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SAV5600AWW Maytag washer leak - tub seal parts ?


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Jan 27, 2021
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More than 10 years
I just purchased this nice top loader washer 6 months ago for my daughter to have when she starting a new job 600 miles from home. I replaced the drive belt; took out the inner stainless tub for a good cleaning of the inner tub, and thought it was ready for several more years of good service. The machine was doing fine until last week when she washed a large mattress pad and apparently it got out of balance during the spin cycle and banged around until the end of the cycle. Now the washer is leaking from below the center tub and no longer runs smooth (normal) during the spin cycle.

I'm trying to get parts together so I can try and make the repairs when I visit in a few months. This washer was made around the end of 2001 and is the same as the Amana's from that era - some call them the "Searcy Platform".

What is making it difficult is that there was more than one "series". The serial number is 1005-----. I have been unable to determine which series I have (e.g. 11,12,14); and wonder if it even makes a difference anymore - thinking perhaps the latest seal kit might have improved and superseded all those from the earlier series?

I did not remove the drive bell but remember when I was cleaning around it that it looked exactly like this one in the " Amana Washer Kit 39508P" .


However, some of the parts sources are pointing me to this triple lip seal kit # W10116791. Note the drive bell has a different shape and the seal is totally different:


The aluminum hub looks the same, but is the triple lip seal kit (W10116791) above a new version that is designed to work with our Maytag that appears to have the parts like in the first picture above ? I do see there is the round gasket that is to be used once one removes and discards the original lint screen.

Then there is the same question about the main bearing which I think is now damaged. I see a main bearing WP40004201P and another WP40004001. One is in the metal housing attached with the three bolts and one is just a bearing. Neither look like the bearing in the above kit that has the bearing pressed into that new seal? (My Maytag has the plastic outer tub)

I've searched through all of the old threads regarding any Maytag SAV models and still don't know what parts are for my model and serial number.
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Since your washer serial number starts with 10 that's series 10.

Unfortinaity, the tub seal kit assembly has been discontinued for series 10:
Tub Seal and Bearing Kit R9900457


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