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Michael Roder

Sep 7, 2006
Morgantown, WV
This is the brief version of Sears Washer purchase.• Washing machine died• Stopped at Sears retail store and got a very good buy on front loading energy efficient stackable Kenmore washer that was discontinued and damaged. With the purchase of a 5 year MPA, I was flat out told it was certified to work and “If it did not work, Sears would replace it with one of comparable features.•

Next day went to Sears outlet store and got a great buy on a new matching dryer.• Following day hooked up washer and it did not work.• Scheduled Sears One Source service and tech said doesn’t work, frame damage cannot be repaired.•

Day 1 I called Sears Retail store. Offer was bring it back and we will give your money back since we can’t locate a replacement.” They were willing take my good buy money and put on a non-sale model that would not work with dryer which was my problem. Told them Sears Outlet store had some new ones. They checked and said non were available. After more discussion, she did offer to throw in $50 on the new non matching non sale washer.

Day 5 I called Sears Outlet and they had one new exact replacement washer. I called the store back with the great news and was told they would work on it. Then surprise—One Source called to schedule repairing the washer! I called store and was told the Manager was busy eating lunch.• Sears One Source tech said ‘Yep, doesn’t work, can’t be repaired. I’ll put in a report.•

From well hidden telephone numbers, I called and was transferred to “Sears National Customer Service” who assured transferred me to someone that could resolve the problem. Joe from One Source came on agreed to schedule a service call. When I said that 2 Sears said it wan junk that should have not been sold, he transferred me back to Customer Service. After discussing the problem again, I was transferred to One Source. When I came down off of the ceiling, he explained that One Source was also Sears customer Service, a fact unknown by the previous contact. Explained problem and he thought offer I should take the offer.•

Called Customer service again. Explained they should educate their lackeys in Sears One Source about customer service and learned that One Source customer care was not only not under them but it was actually higher on the Sears pecking order. Back to One Source to learn that Sears Outlet Stores were in a separate division which was apparently in another universe and any communication with them was not allowed. •

Called outlet so see what kind of deal I could get if I bought the matching washer and it was gone.•

Called One Source my customer service god that could not be appealed. A very nice lady discussed options with me. Even though the Sears MPA was effect when I took possession of the washer the clause—Under warranty Sears had the option to provide replacement option per option OR dollar per dollar. When I asked Sears to consider the option per option replacement, She admitted that the One Source procedures did not allow it. After more discussion, she agreed to take back both the washer and dryer leaving me to worse off since I had given the dryer away and trashed the possibly repairable washer. I request to talk to her supervisor. He would call back in 24 hours—except since holiday weekend, it would be 3 days. She also verified that they were the top for customer complaints for Sears Retail stores and Sears outlets have their own system. Both did not report to a Sears enmity! •

I visited the local Lowes, Best Buy, and Rex stores and each had a Frigidaire model that was stackable with my Kenmore Dryer. I ordered one at 4 pm and it was installed free at 9 am the next morning and washing was being done after 3 weeks.•

Tuesday evening, I found a phone message form Sears supervisor stating best offers were made. Call number xxx when I decide which deal to take.•

I called the number, told them I was disputing the charge and when could they get the defective washer out of my driveway. She said she would contact the “off line team” to pick it up. The off line team does not have a telephone number and would call. They have not called 3 days later. Does anyone have a telephone number or address of a Sears entity that has a vested interest in Sears profits and is higher in the food chain than Retail and Outlet Stores?


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Aug 24, 2004
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WOW, thats quite an ordeal.

Here's the phone#1-800-4-MYHOME then ask for customer relations. They will solve this issue for you.