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Sears Kenmore 417.44102300 washer problems: noise during spin + odd grit in hose


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Jun 21, 2021
Baltimore, MD
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
More than 10 years
Our Sears Kenmore 417.44102300 front-load washer has performed perfectly for more than 10 years, but now it has developed some problems. A few weeks ago it began to bang loudly during spin, and I found that both shocks were broken, so I replaced them. Problem fixed. Then we noticed that it was not getting cold water, and testing verified that the cold water intake valve was bad. I replaced that, and problem fixed.

Yesterday after a wash I noticed that the lint filter attached to the drain hose was completely packed with gritty material that consisted of (1) a grayish substance that turns powdery when you rub it between your fingers, (2) very tiny hard pebbles, (3) fine strands of a white material and (4) some odd-shaped gray pieces of hard material. A little bit of this material found its way into the drum, because we saw some in the clothing.

In addition, the washer now (1) makes a loud banging noise during spin, (2) a loud snap/clicking sound and a squeaking/rubbing noise during tumbles.

I have attached pictures and videos that I hope will give you some clues. Your thoughts and suggestions will be appreciated!


  • hose gunk-1.JPG
    hose gunk-1.JPG
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  • huse gunk-2.JPG
    huse gunk-2.JPG
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  • fast spin.MOV
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  • clockwise slow tumble.MOV
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  • clockwise tumble.MOV
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  • clockwise and counterclockwise tumble.MOV
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  • tumble, additional.MOV
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Yes, your rear bearing sounds like it went out, and your inner basket spider arm may be cracked or broken as well. Once you have it apart, check your inner drum spider arms also.

Here's the rear outer tub assembly which includes the bearing already installed(Video Included in part link):
131525500 Rear Outer Tub Assembly (shell)

Also order the tub seal if you order the rear outer tub assembly(Video Included in part link):
134146100 Gasket

Here's the inner drum assembly for your model(Video Included in part link):
131618500 Inner Tub Assembly with Spider and Shaft

Thanks, Jake. Q: did all these parts (shocks, cold water intake valve, rear bearings, inner basket spider arms, inner drum spider) just coincidentally all go bad within the same short time, or is there any inter-related cause? For example, did bad shocks cause other problems?

I'm assuming that my installation of the struts did not cause other problems, as that seemed like a pretty straightforward job.
Thanks again for the advice and helpful videos, Jake. I'm still baffled at how these things happened almost at once. And as those parts add up to about $1800, it looks like it makes more sense to buy a new washer.
Its extremely RARE for all those problems to happen at once, but age takes its toll.


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