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Sears/Kenmore upright Freezer #970-254324 running constantly


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Apr 20, 2023
Wasaga Beach, Ontario
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
6-10 years
Have a 2014 Sears upright freezer.
Evaporator fan and compressor run constantly and temperature sits around 10 degrees F
even with the highest setting of 7 on the control panel.
I have checked the evaporator fan and evaporator coils. The top 1/4 section of the coils are frosted but the lower half are not.
The bi metal thermostat was covered in ice and I chipped the ice away.
Wondering because of the ice pattern on the evaporator coils if this is a sealed system problem or because it cools down to 10 degrees,
its a thermistor issue?
Thanks in advance.
Wondering because of the ice pattern on the evaporator coils if this is a sealed system problem


Frost Patterns.jpg

You'll likely need a trained refrigeration technician to look into it further.

Dan O.
Thank you for the information. Don't think it is worth getting a technician here for a freezer this old.
Last time with my Jenn air fridge the compressor was replaced after two years and it cost me $600 and that was in 2016.
Thanks again.
Probably not. The least expensive cause might be a refrigerant leak and if they can find and repair it, a recharge could start at $250+

It might be more cost effective to replace the whole freezer. :(

Check with local utility co. and government. There might be a rebate available for replacing an older unit... although yours isn't that old so might not qualify. (Don't tell them it's broken. Tell them it still runs... which isn't a lie)

Dan O.
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have not checked the coils yet.

When you do, post a photo for evaluation. That will be the major clue as to the problem.

BTW It must be inspected and the photo taken before any defrosting is done. Just turn if off and open it up, then 📸

Well it varies from 4 degrees F to 10 degrees F..
The picture shows uneven frost on the evaporator coils..


  • freezer.jpg
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That's bad. :(

That frost pattern shows a problem with the sealed refrigeration system. It will require a qualified refrigeration technician to look into it further.

Frost Patterns.jpg

Dan O.
Unfortunately most sealed system work is not cost effective these days. It's a shame as freezers are usually a fairly simple appliance with few other things to go wrong.
yes its so true..just throw it away..Had my grand mothers old 1954 Selvador fridge..weighed a ton..still worked both the fridge and little freezer
gave it away a few years ago. Thats when they made appliances that lasted!
The 'ozone safe' refrigerant used these days require a compressor with specials oils which we find causes them to be very susceptible to damage from overheating which can be caused by lack of cleaning of the condenser (on forced air condenser models) and power fluctuations. Our power system these days is under great strain and fluctuations and brownouts, etc. occur frequently. I recommend a whole home surge protector if possible.

Cheaper and/or skimping on materials doesn't help either. That can lead to premature leaks in the refrigeration system. :(

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