Sears Online customer service is terrible!

Jul 23, 2011
I scheduled service last week to have our gas dryer repaired. The guy came Friday, we told him the heating coil and the blower weren't working. He said the heating coil was bad, replaced it, but said the blower was fine. I asked if I could try to dry some laundry, not necessary he says. He left, we tried to dry some laundry and the blower (surprise) does not now magically work because he replaced the heating coil.

I called Sears to get him to come back, but they told me I had to call back the next day because my appointment was still open. I called today, and I have to wait 6 more days for them to come back. I could understand if this was the initial appointment that I had to wait for but I have already paid them labor and now I have to sit around with 3 kids worth of laundry for 6 more days or waste a day taking us all over to the laundromat. Ever tried to entertain a 2 year old at a laundromat for hours?

When I asked Vicky the customer service person to speak to a supervisor she said she'd have one call me. 2 hours later, no one has called. I tried the online support (Antony Charles), they were useless as well. Now I have been on hold for 34 minutes, 32 minutes after I talked to someone and reported again what my issue was. "Can I place you on hold for a moment?" she said. That was 32 minutes ago. I assume I've been put on hold until I give up since the person I talked to never came back.

They should have some sort of contingency plan for people whose repairs aren't done correctly the first time so they don't have to wait another week for appliance repair. I will never user Sears appliance repair again. I'm considering charging back the credit charge for the service and calling someone local in to do it, which is what I probably should have done in the first place, but stupid me, I trusted the Sears name.