Sears the worst company on Earth


Mar 7, 2007
A copy of a letter i sent to Sears:

I'm sure this is nothing your company hasn't heard before as I have seen other posts concerning the service department at Sears. I'm sure I will receive a standard "Sears cares about you" reply letter. I called Sears about 2 months ago to fix my squeaky dryer, which cost me $130 to grease a bearing (20 minutes worth of work). I was given the 8 - 12 time slot, he showed up at 2 PM.

So now after 2 months my dryer squeaks again, so I called Sears again, luckily they have a warranty on their service for 90 days (A policy that actually does make sense) but the only timeslot which they guaranteed is 8-5 PM, and even on different days this is all she would offer me.

What in gods name kind of time frame is that! Do you expect people to take entire days off so we can wait around for your repairman to do sub par repairs. You might as well just say the week of March 19th. We can just take vacation and sit around waiting for your half ass service to show up.

I'm done with you Sears, and I will add my story to the thousands of other dissatisfied customers on the web, your stores are dirty, over run with vulture like sales people, and your service department sucks. I just hope when your stock hits rock bottom a good company buys you and turns you into at least something worth dealing with. RIP