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Seeking suggestion for a new washer


Apr 26, 2019
Model Number
More than 10 years
Hi folks,

My current Maytag washer is wearing down. It has a transmission problem that I've been muddling thru (only runs in low gear) and has now sprung a leak leaving a water trail to my basement floor drain. I fear I should replace it, but I'm VERY particular about what I'm looking for and I need some help with that.

#1 -- I DESPISE "High-Efficiency" washers! They are NOT "efficient"! I purchased a Kenmore HE washer once. HATED IT. It sits unused and unrepaired in my basement, and I won't make that mistake again. I want a washer that uses full loads of water -- gallons and gallons of it! I want my clothes CLEAN and RINSED, not damply tossed about to save some carbon footprint somewhere.

#2 -- I want a timer dial, NOT pre-determined wash cycles. I want to be able to stop my load and change the timer. "Oops! I'm running late. I'll shorten this wash cycle and spin it now!"

#3 -- BIG, BIG TUB! My husband is a big, BIG man. His blue jeans are 3x the size of mine. I need to be able to wash more than one pair of his jeans at a time.

#4 -- NO lid locks! My clothes are not convicts! I shouldn't have to break them out of a washer!

#5 -- Extra rinse cycle would be preferred.

Obviously, these are not common features anymore, so I have resorted to purchasing used equipment and running them till they die -- such as my current Maytag washer.

Is there a NEW washer ANYWHERE out there that will not hold my clothing hostage, that I can SEE on the dial how much time has elapsed because it can move and BE moved. Are there still GOOD washers out there that actually freely slosh clothing through gallons and gallons of water???

I was fooled once, but NEVER AGAIN! I had my head turned by a handsome Kenmore washer that CLAIMED to be "High-Efficiency" with a big, big tub, but that was a FARCE! There was NOTHING "efficient" about washing, washing, and rewashing the same urine-soaked bedding or gritty work pants over and over and OVER AGAIN!!!!!!!! I found no joy in having my clothing held hostage for HOURS on end with no indication when the cycle would EVER end! I want an "old-school" washer like my Maytag -- mechanical and reliable, no pansy electronics!

Anyone have a suggestion on how to put a happy ending on this "soap opera"???