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SGV46M03GB/36 Bosch Dishwasher - Tap Symbol stays on


Mar 18, 2023
Model Number
More than 10 years
Last night switched on dishwasher when checked it this morning the cycle was stuck on 42 mins left with a tap symbol on next to the time
I have tried the following things so far:

Checked and cleaned the filter - it was clean anyway

Checked water pressure from inlet - seems fine to me

Checked pipes for kinks etc - all seem good

Removed filter on the inlet (the small one) and cleaned it

Symptoms are if I cancel the tap symbol by resting the cycle and start a new cycle any water already in the dishwasher is drained out, i have double checked this by putting the outlet into a bucket and making sure water is getting through. However once the machine is drained and the new cycle starts it just keeps getting more and more water into the dishwasher but it doesn't drain any of it . If i reset and do it again , once again all the water already in the dishwasher is drained but it then stops draining and the tap symbol comes on and the cycle doesn't carry on it gets stuck on 18 mins or 147 mins whatever the full length of the cycle is

I remember the dishwasher we had before this one did the same thing and back then i couldn't work out what was wrong with it either. Not sure what the issue is , none of the pipes have been touched etc

Any help would be appreciated not sure if its time for a new dishwasher but if i can save some money then all the better.

Thank you
Hi, as much as we would love to help you, we can't, your European model is completely different than the USA models.

Try a European forum called UK Whitegoods.
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