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SHE3AR75UC/21 Bosch dishwasher replaced latch but door won't close


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Apr 15, 2023
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6-10 years
My Bosch dishwasher's (model SHE3AR75UC/21) stopped midcycle. The door latch wasn't holding through the cycle.

I replaced the latch using Bosch parts, both at the top and in the door. At first it held, with a firm click.

But after a couple of days, it isn't holding at all. There is no click and no engagement with the latch. I even opened up the latch at the top to check and it all appears to be good.

Any suggestions for what this could be?

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Your missing the last part of your model number SHE3AR75UC it should look like SHE3AR75UC/06 etc. Read it from the model number tag which should be located inside the door on the tub frame.
Hi Jake

Yes these are the parts I replaced.

Like I described, they worked at the beginning, with a click, and then they didn't.

I opened up the upper latch again and checked it and it again worked with a click, and then stopped working.

So I need advice on what else this could be.

0330 is screwed on as tight as it goes with the 4 screws. I thought about this.

This appliance is only 8 years old and works perfectly fine, except for this problem. So this is quite frustrating and feels like a replacement dishwasher will be a waste of money.
That's very puzzling to me as well, if you're absolutely sure you installed it properly per that video, then I really don't know the cause, unless it came from the factory defective, which can happen at times.

You can contact the place where you got it from and ask for another new one.

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