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SHE68E05UC/01 Bosch dishwasher won't start E24


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Sep 14, 2018
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6-10 years
So I have a very annoying problem I'm trying to sort out! After reading other postings online I'm not alone in this strange problem, however I'm yet to see a confirmed solution. Here it is, only occurs at start up!

1. Start a regular wash cycle
2. drain pump runs for a short while
3. what I think is the water pump runs for short while
4. drain pump runs once again for a little longer then the first time
5. water pump again short time
6. E24 drain error on screen.

The twist here is I can successfully have the washer run the cycle normally if I simply open and close the door (interrupt the cycle briefly) during the 6 steps above, the washer will move into the "wash" cycle, complete and DRAIN normally.

I have check the following
1. cleaned all filters
2. removed the drain pump inspected cleaned and reinstalled.
3 checked all wiring and harness connection to both control boards.
4. checked drain line for obstructions and made sure drain line has proper elevation and length however clearly the unit drains fine.
5. I've tried pressing hard on the door during the start phase above

So I'm left to ponder a E24 drain error when I don't have a drain issue and I'm able to carry out a normal wash simply by interrupting the start process described above. I wonder if this is somehow a door latch issue? Replace Control boards, if so which one? Any advice is appreciated I'm very handy and have fixed many dishwashers in the past including Bosch but this one has me stumped! HELP!
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Hi learjet,
I have exactly the same problem. In fact, mine has progressed to a little worse state. The whole thing started about 2months ago and I did the steps that you described above and it would work. More recently (last 2wks or so), it only works if i let it go through the steps 1 through 6 once until it flashes the E24. Then, i have to power it on/off and let it go to step 5, then open the door, press start, and close again. Then it works through the full 2hr cycle.
I am quite sure this is a software/logic bug and not a real mechanical issue. But, it could be a sensor issue also (some indicator that a step has been completed is not happening).
Yes you could be right, I'm reading a few blogs out of Europe where they had issues with the float switch, I'm going to investigate mine this evening and see if somehow this is stuck or the switch is bad. Perhaps by interrupting the cycle we are bypassing the switch, not enough experience for me to know for sure but hopefully some Bosch pro's weigh in!
Hi learjet,
what is a float switch? Can you send me a link to the drawing or part#?
Ok, i found it on the parts diagram. Not sure if it is to indicate fill water level to indicate when max has reached to shut off the inlet. Maybe it can also indicate when the dishwasher is empty (drained). But, the location is in a weird place and it can't really know when the water has been drained at the bottom of the tub...
Anyway I have to think about this further...
Hi everyone,
I opened up the dishwasher front to see what was going on and whether the drain pump needed replacement. However, I could not figure out how to remove the white piece that seems to occupy the entire front. It seems to be there to adjust the height of the dishwasher and tightly coupled to the chassis. The drain pump is right behind it and there is no way I can replace it without removing this piece.
Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Also since yours is already open make sure and fiddle with that float I sent you move it around activate the micro-switch make sure nothing is stuck.
thanks for the video. It does look a bit tight to get the pump out but I am not quite in the mood to swap anything out yet since I don't know what is broken!!
I am just going to wait for a more permanent failure to replace. The current solution is a bit annoying but seems to work reliably (so far!)...
Anyone have any advise as to whether to replace the drain pump or one of the control boards?
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