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FIXED SHE6AP05UC/03 Intermittent E24 error code?

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I am having the same problem. Someone recommended replacing the power supply unit.
Bosch 00658328 Power Supply Unit
So I did that. No change what so ever.
The unit pumps water out fine. Never any left over. Can get it to run if I interrupt the cycle at 40 seconds or so after start up.
If anyone found a solution to fix this issue I would love to hear about it.
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Also having this same issue with Kenmore Elite (Bosch build). replaced drain pump, no clogs or debris. Can use the workaround. Did anyone proceed with replacing the board or find any other solution?
Try this:
5.1 Clearing error code E24 drain obstructions
If a dishwasher doesn’t drain properly and / or shows an E24 error code, the problem is
due to drain obstructions, not a faulty power module or drain pump.
To correct the problem, (1) reset the power module, (2) correct overly high drain con- nections and / or (3) clear drain obstructions.
5.1.1 Resetting power modules
▶ Reset the power module by using Method 1 below. If unsuccessful, use Method 2.
Fig. 61: Power module Method 1
  1. With the door closed and the dishwasher turned on, press and hold Start for 5 s. The display should show 01 or 00.
  2. Press On / off (turning the dishwasher off). Method 2 Prerequisite:
Disconnect electric supply.
Remove toe panel and disconnect drain pump harness from drain pump. Tape the harness pump connector to make sure it isn’t touching anything. Reconnect electric supply.
  1. With the door closed, press On / off to turn the dishwasher on.
    You should hear the power module turn on and control relays click on and off.
  2. Wait about 30 s with the power on, then press On / off to turn the dishwasher off.
  3. With the power off, reconnect the drain pump harness and reinstall the toe panel.
  4. Close the door and press On / off to turn the dishwasher on.
Keep us updated on this.
Alas, E 24 has returned after the pump disconnect/reset procedure seemed to have fixed it. Is this the board? Can still use the workaround described earlier (interrupt the dishwasher 40 seconds in), but means can't use the delayed start.
I have a similar issue on my SHE4AM02UC/01 ...

Doesn't matter which program is run, Power, Regular, Quick, the dishwasher works sometimes,
it will start with the usual drain? cycle, then re-circulation?, drain? again, then goes to clean.

When I open the door during 2nd drain, it starts filling water right away and works just fine.

There's never any water left after it cleans dishes or at any other point meaning it drains just fine,
if I fill it with water and lift the safety float it drains without any issues.

The code I get when checking error codes with > and Delay, is blinking both Active and Clean,
meaning either E23, E24, or E25, as there's no error display panel on this model.

E24 isn't it I guess since it drains just fine, so no blockage ...
E25 isn't it either since it drains, so it has to spin ...

E23 possibly some intermittent drain pump issue, that fails a safety check ?

Somehow opening the door at the beginning of the wash skips whatever check it's doing
and forced it to proceed, so a blockage or bad pump would not get fixed that way ...

Could be a power module issue but others with similar problems have replaced it and it didn't seem to help.
I have already checked the easy stuff like a loose drain pump cover, and I've also had it apart and had a look
at the actual power unit module, and it seemed fine, there was one spot that seemed a bit like heat stress
that was on the other side of a what looks like a 5 pin white square relay, however if a relay was going
bad how come opening a door would fix it every single time, it just doesn't add up :)

Next I will pull the unit out and check resistance on the drain pump, they say it has to be 90 ohm.

Any other suggestions?
Thanks in advance!
Update, I believe it might be the turbidity sensor in my case ...
I need to do more testing to see if that’s correct.
Sounds good, I'll order a new sensor and go from there ...

When I left it filled with vinegar all night, it definitely made things better,
so I am thinking that was enough to clean the sensor a little bit ...
So, same issues as everyone else. Cleared all lines from screen plate to disposal. No change. Figured it had to be the drain pump motor. Original pump motor read 79-80 ohms. Sheet said it should read between 85-95. So I ordered a new one. New one read 79 ohms. I checked the part number 100 times! So, I installed new drain pump motor. Same outcome. Very discouraged. Thought about inlet, because it also wasn’t filing with water. Tried the bypass that everyone was using. Not too much success there either, except could get it to start filling/drawing for a 10-15 minutes before error code 24 pops back up? When unit was about 1-2 years old, board failed, I ordered a new one from Bosch, installed and things have been fine for 4 years. Last thing I read on this thread was vinegar. Is that the solution? Thread shows fixed but don’t see what fixed the problem. HELP! I’m not real smart, just handy. First time I’ve been beat! Or maybe it’s just a turd?
Just wanted to report that replacing the turbidity sensor as well as the water valve since I had one kicking around didn't make a difference.
The issue is still happening, and by opening then closing the door after initiating the washing cycle,... the appliance works as expected.
Thank you Sir. I’m guessing replacement of the board is the only thing no one has tried. Can’t decide if putting more money into it is worth it, or just purchase some other unit? I guess that’s always the risk/question. Shouldn’t have this many unanswered issues from such a high end unit. Shame. Thank you again
I think someone attempted a board replacement as well a drain pump replacement,
and depending on the case it either fixed it or not, so I wouldn't say it guarantees a fix.

It seems there might be different reasons for getting the exact same error code ...
I have been trying to fix the exact same problem in my SHX68E05UC/13. Installed in 2010 (FD 11/2009). I first tried the resets and diagnosis and got the dreaded e24. I could first a test run, but that was complicated. Just switched to the interrupt technique after the first two pump cycles which seems to work. But I couldn't help notice that 9-10 years is how long it takes for the problem to appear in several of the posts.

The final concliusion (fix) is highly desired. Doesn't anyone at Bosch know the answer, or are there too many possibilities that lead to the same outcome?

These posts are the best I have seen on this topic. In the meantime, I am the fortunate owner of about 3-4 repair manuals on this kind of Bosch.

I was thinking the my problem could be the drain flex hose which is just lying on the bottom of the under sink flooring. I saw pictures where Bosch has that hose hanging 20+ inches from the floor. Could that be my problem? The installer never hung the hose with that arc in it...

Thanks all!
Not saying that isn’t the issue, but i don’t understand why it would develop as a problem after many years. My household has all become expert at counting to 40 while doing other things to open the door just in time. We used to use the delay timer every night, I do miss that.
I was hoping for a permanent fix. I live everyday with workarounds... and that is the way to continue using the appliance. I can settle with that. I guess I had higher expectations that Bosch might say what's going on.
In same exact boat as everyone else. Have replaced pump and main control panel in door. It was only $60 at AppliancePartsPros. SHE3AR72UC/21 exactly 5 years old. I have replaced the pump before--those were E25 errors and something was stuck/broken so clearly needed to be replaced. The E24 has been inconsistent and building to now you can't run the dishwasher.

But opening the door during the starting cycle seems to work. I was thinking next pull the unit and look at float switch ... but how does that make sense when it will go through a 2 hour cycle of filling and emptying and getting everything clean? What happens at startup that never happens again, but throws the error at startup? And where's Buttercup? [sorry, couldn't hold back the movie quote]
Ray Finkle knows all about the whereabouts of Buttercup. LOL

Turn the breaker off to your machine for 30 minutes and see if E24 goes away permanently.

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