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FIXED SHE6AP05UC/03 Intermittent E24 error code?

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Waiting 40 seconds and opening/closing door seems to work like a charm.
Has the E24 returned after you left the breaker off all night and Waiting 40 seconds and opening/closing door?

Has the E24 returned after you left the breaker off all night and Waiting 40 seconds and opening/closing door?

No. I ran dishwasher using the opening the door trick. Ran fine. Read your post to try cutting power. Cut power all night. Next day tried to run dishwasher. Failed after 2-3 minutes with E24. Turned off. Turned on. Started again. Waited 40 seconds, opened for, closed door. Cycle ran fine. Ran fine again later in the day (same opening door method). In other words, turning off power at breaker did not help.
Ok, that sucks!

Bosch needs to issue a service bulletin about this problem and supply a part to fix it. Too many people are complaining about this E24 error code.

I have my SHX7PT55UC/04 for 5 years and now also getting the E24, sometimes E17 (Tap Water). Just replaced the Control board, but nothing changed.
Is pulling the AC power off the same as turning the breaker off?
Wow... so, I'm going to add myself to the list of those with the E-24 code. I've been working my way through EVERY post related to my dishwasher (SHE6AP05UC/03) and this error. I have summarized everyone's efforts below. Some link to previous discussions. I will edit as others try fixes. Logic is probably the only way to get to the bottom of it.

What I have done:
  1. Cleaned out the drain hoses exiting the drain pump - flushed
  2. Verified no plug where it ties into my plumbing
  3. Opened drain pump - no obstructions
  4. Verify drain pump functions by exercising float - works fine
  5. Exercised the float - appears fine
What precipitated this (for me) appears to be broken glass that ended up in the sump. There isn't any glass now so I'm perplexed as to what is causing this.

Bosch Dishwasher - SHE6AP05UC/03 E24 Error Code

Control Board
Power Supply
Turbidity Sensor
- Vinegar Cleaning - not fixed;​
Water Valve
Drain Pump
Drain Hose replacement/shortening
Clearing error code
Cycle Breaker
Clean filters
Air Lock
This is the best thread I've found on the Bosch dishwasher e24 error. Here is what I can add.

  1. The drain pump lid (part # 611322) must be pushed down further than you think. I thought I was installing it correctly for days when in fact I was not pushing it down far enough. If you can remove it with your fingers and without using a spoon or screwdriver to pry it out then you have not put it in correctly. Try to push it deeper and you will hear a click when it snaps into place correctly.
  2. My circulation pump had a grapefruit seed stuck between the rotating impeller and the stationary plate inside the pump. It made and awful sound and sometimes caused e24 errors. I removed the seed and now it works great.
  3. In another unit, one of the magnets in the rotor had bulged out enough that it was rubbing the side of the rotor housing causing friction and the e24 error. I replaced the rotor with one from another used pump and now it works great.
  4. I read somewhere that if you have no blockage in the drain line and you still get a e24 error that you should replace the controller module. Based on the 2 examples above, I disagree. You should replace the circulation pump first. Now I'm stuck with extra controller modules I'll have to sell somehow.
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