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SHE7PT52UC/07 Bosch no power after replacing water inlet


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May 25, 2019
Model Number

I just fixed an E15 error on my bosh dishwasher by replacing my leaky water inlet. I tested at rinse cycle last night to confirm it was working, then powered off. Today, I can't power back on. Makes me think I accidentally triggered the child lock, which is also the rinse key. I confirmed that power is getting to the unit by checking the power with a electrical tester. 120V at the intake. Out of ideas. Any feedback would be lovely.

Also, more like 5+ years old.

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I couldn't locate a tech sheet or wiring diagram for that model. Can you post a copy of yours?
Hi Rick,

Thanks for getting back to me. I took one image of the error codes and 3 images of the diagram, just because the font is so small. You should be able to zoom in where you'd like details. Appreciate it.

I can only read pieces and not very many. It's not your pictures it's my old eyes...lol. Follow the steps for Special Function Menu then press "B" to scroll through customer service program. That should get you to the child lock function. I'll keep looking for the wiring diagram. Check and make sure the door switch is working properly by checking it for continuity.

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