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Shipping to Canada


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Aug 9, 2012
How is shipping to Canada?, any fellow Canucks know if there are any other fees to be paid once it arrives such as Brokerage Fees
Many have ordered from RepairClinic from where they live in Canada, and they never mention any brokerage fees.

You can contact RepairClinic and ask them: RepairClinic.com Customer Service - Returns, Orders, Shipping

POST OFFICE ECONOMY SHIPPING OPTION – Use this option when the order is not urgent. To help keep costs down, FedEx has partnered with the U.S. Post Office to deliver packages. Similarly, for orders shipping to Canada, Purolator partners with Canada Post to deliver packages.

For orders shipping to Canada: Some Canadian addresses may be eligible for expedited shipping. Shipping options will be presented at checkout.

I'll leave this thread open so other Canadians can chime in on their shipping experience.:)


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