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SHP65T55UC/02 Bosch Dishwasher - How Remove Stuck Door Spring


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Dec 5, 2020
Charlotte, NC
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6-10 years
My Bosch dishwasher door cable broke. A plastic part that held the old door spring also did.
I ordered the parts and was able to replace the spring and door cable on the side that broke but was unable to remove
the spring from the side that still worked to replace it.

So the door works now, but I read that both sides should be replaced since they would then have equal tension. So, if necessary
I would like to replace the other one too.

I saw one video where the repair guy twisted the old spring several turns until it came loose, however mine won't go all the way.

Does anyone know if there's another recommended way to get the spring out so I can install the new spring and cable?



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Here's the door spring kit for your model:
00754866 Door Spring and Cable Kit

And you watched this video below and the old springs wouldn't twist enough to get off? Keep trying, you will eventually get the old ones off.

Jake, yes that was the video I watched.

It seems like it would take alot of force to get that spring twisted out of the housing. I worry about breaking the plastic.

I may try cutting the spring with a Dremel and see if that helps. Otherwise I'll just leave the old one in since it seems the door is operating OK.

Ok, sounds good.:)


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